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yoo ISTANBUL landscape architecture project concept story

yoo is a brand created in 1999, by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck. With its hotel and residences.

Situated on the Bosporus, yoo Istanbul is an ongoing project carried out in partnership with Say Construction Co. In September 2017, the project will be welcoming its clients on a hilltop overviewing the Bosphorus.

Turkan Erdem Landscape is responsible with landscape architecture design the yoo Istanbul project.

Philippe Starcknotes that the general architectural principles of the project are laid on 4 pillars:

  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Classicism
  • Minimalism


These pillars have also served as the main reference points of the landscaping design concept. In addition to these elements, historic pattern that embellishes the city’s culture was also included in the landscaping concept’s philosophy.


The slopped drive and walkways created due to the topography of the project site are projected with materials and details similar to the streets of the Historical Peninsula and Old Town. Generally, the historic pattern of Istanbul has been taken into account while selecting the structural and planting materials.


On the other hand, the project areas have been designed with a minimalistic approach, which is reflected on the geometrical pattern. This minimal geometry has been enriched with the materials brought in from the historic and cultural structure of the Istanbul.


The sloped green area in the project site is viewed as a small coppice. The scarp of the area has been minimized using steps, made of wood and other geo-synthetic materials. The wooden ramp walkway, designed for a comfortable promenade, has been combined with the scarped green area, which has been transformed into a stepped green area with a light construction.


The current green pattern of the scarped green area is covered with a wide range of plants. Therefore, the coppice has been designed to include Himalayan birch tree, the only tree species that could adapt to this area, Betulautilis “Jacquemontii”.

The stone pine (Pinuspinea) that stands from the centre of the wooden panoramic terrace, laying on the top level, has been included into the project as a metaphor for the Bosphorus.

The green areas on the slopes over the Bosphorus have been projected with certain endemic speciesand other exotic plants such as Cercissiliquastrum, Pinuspinea, imported to the Bosphorus through the course of time.

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