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With Verizon LTE Advanced and New Options on the Verizon Plan, what Customers can do is “Limitless”

Get 50 percent faster peak speeds on the next gen network and more value with the new Verizon Plan 12 GB option for $80 or get four lines with 20 GB for $160

A week after turning on LTE Advanced in more than 461 cities from coast to coast, Verizon is adding more choice and value to the new Verizon Plan.  Beginning Tuesday, September 6, you can choose a new limited-time 12 GB Verizon Plan for $80 that offers Carryover Data, Safety Mode and international calling and texting to and from Mexico and Canada. Families who add the current 2 GB per line bonus data promotion to that plan can get four lines with 20 GB on the Verizon Plan for $160 plus taxes & fees. And now all of the new Verizon Plans – even L or smaller sizes – now include Safety Mode for no additional charge.

While other networks were busy putting limits on their “unlimited” plans, Verizon gives you limitless data and the next gen network: Verizon doesn’t limit you to SD video quality, force you to slow down your speed, or deprioritize your line based on your data usage. Verizon LTE Advanced gives people in 461 cities from coast to coast 50 percent faster peak wireless data speeds on its fast and reliable 4G LTE network. From major cities to less-served places including highways, interstates, country roads and rural America, you can use your mobile phone, tablet and more for limitless possibilities, fast connections and actually be mobile.

The Verizon Plan lets you switch between data sizes with a few clicks on the My Verizon app wherever you are, with no penalties. Each size of the Verizon Plan comes with unlimited talk and text, Safety Mode and Carryover Data:

  • Small: 2 GB for $35/month
  • Medium: 4 GB for $50/month
  • Large: 8 GB for $70/month
  • Limited time offer: 12 GB for $80/month
  • X-Large: 16 GB for $90/month
  • XX-Large: 24 GB for $110/month

What about bonus data? On the Verizon Plan size L or larger, each line is eligible for an additional 2 GB of data per month when you add a new smartphone line or upgrade a smartphone using device payment. You’ll receive the bonus data for as long as you stay on the Verizon Plan size L or larger.

With the Verizon Plan 12 GB or larger, you also get international calling and roaming for Mexico and Canada – that means unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, and when visiting Mexico and Canada you also get unlimited talk and text and can use your data plan just like you do in the U.S. For the Verizon Plan in sizes S, M or L, pay just $5 per line per month for calls from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, and roam with your data and unlimited talk and text in Canada or Mexico using Verizon’s TravelPass feature for $2 per day per line.

You can have up to 10 consumer and business lines on an account. Line service charges for the Verizon Plan are $20 per month per smartphone, $10 per month for tablets and Jetpacks and $5 per month per connected devices (which no longer count toward the 10 line maximum), plus taxes & fees.


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