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What To Do After A Car Accident In Pikeville

Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be very scary, it can be difficult to know what steps to take, and it can be hard to start the claims process if you want to file a lawsuit. It can be hard to move forward, but with car accident attorney Billy Johnson, you can start your claims process and get the settlement that you deserve.

First Steps

The first step following an accident is to take the time to get the medical attention that you need. This means stopping what you are doing and calling an emergency medical team and getting to the hospital. While there, make sure that the staff is taking notes, making note of what happened, and making sure that they are doing all they can to make sure they have an accurate account of what happened.

The EMTs will take a report, the police will take a report, and the staff at the hospital that you go to will also take a report of what happened so that they can accurately account for what happened for future reference. This is going to help your attorney later down the line.

After that, you then need to take the time to really heal as much as possible and to get better so that you can move forward with your suit and so that you can then start to figure out what your next moves are. After you have healed as much as possible, or as much as needed, you can then contact a lawyer.

Working with a Lawyer

The next steps after you get the medical care that you need, you can then contact a lawyer and start on the next steps. Your lawyer is going to first collect the information that you have to find out what your side of the story is and to find out what happened. They will also work with the police, the emergency technicians that took care of you as well as medical staff and any doctors that you visited as well.

This is going to help you get the best case possible and it also going to help you build a case that is going to be complete. They will work to create a case based on these reports and based on this evidence to prove that there was some fault and that it was not your own fault. This is going to help you get a good settlement and is also going to help you get a case built that has a great amount of support and evidence.

A lawyer is going to work to collect the information that is needed to prove that there was fault and that there was an issue that could have been avoided.

What Does a Settlement Include?

There are a few things that a settlement might cover, the first is any medical cost that was associated with the accident. This means things like the emergency room bills, ambulance bills, and even bills for the doctor after the incident that are directly relating to the injuries you may have sustained due to the accident. This amount also covers continuing care like physical therapy, doctor’s visits and more.

A settlement also covers the cost of having your car replaced or repaired. This is going to amount to paying off your insurance so that you can use it to buy a new car, or even the cost of just getting a new car outright. This is an important part of the settlement, especially in cases where you were not at fault.

You may also be able to get money for pain and suffering and time off work. Say you have to take a few weeks off to recover, you can get money to help keep your household going and to pay your bills during the time you take off. As for pain and suffering, you may have recurring issues with driving, you may be having nightmares, you may be having mental anguish, these are all things that you can get pain and suffering compensation for.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

A lawyer is going to be able to help fight for a larger settlement, they are going to be able to help ensure that all the proper evidence is collected to get a great settlement and to get the result that is going to help you take time to heal and take time to recover following an accident that causes major damage and pain.

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