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Walmart Fulfillment Services Offers Incentives for New Sellers, Trust and Transparency for All


This month marks two years since Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) launch, low-cost fulfillment solution. During those two years, Walmart has seen significant growth. Last year, U.S. GMV fulfilled by WFS grew 500%, and Walmart is expecting robust growth to continue. What the team built from scratch has grown into a robust business with sellers located around the world. Walmart is so proud of how Walmart has been able to collaborate with our sellers to build trust and transparency.

But Walmart is even more excited about what Walmart is going to accomplish as Walmart looks ahead. There’s still a tremendous growth opportunity with WFS, and Walmart wants to be sure even more sellers can take advantage of it going forward. That’s why in celebration of our second anniversary, Walmart is offering incentives to new WFS sellers who sign up and inbound at least one item between Feb. 21 and April 30, 2022. Sellers receive free storage and 10% off fulfillment for the first 90 days*.

The WFS business is growing, and Walmart wants to help new and existing Marketplace sellers grow their business, too. Many sellers who use WFS to fulfill their items are seeing on average 50% sales growth for those items.

Also worth noting, last year, Walmart launched the Walmart Preferred Carrier Program, which resulted in savings on inbound transportation costs for participating sellers. So sellers are increasing sales and saving on expenses. Taking this into account, it’s easy to see why WFS has a more than 90% retention rate.

There are a lot of fantastic reasons to be part of WFS. WFS has a simple, understandable fee structure, which builds trust and transparency between us and our sellers. Items arrive in a Walmart box and are categorized as “fulfilled by Walmart,” building credibility with customers and further driving trust and transparency. (Are you sensing a theme yet?) And if a customer has any issues with an item, they have access to Walmart Customer Care or can return the item at their local Walmart store, of which there are over 4,700 in the U.S. alone. WFS helps improve the experience for your customers, so they are more likely to be repeat customers.

At Walmart Fulfillment Services, a win for our sellers is a win for us, too. With the incentives, Walmart is offering, and the culture Walmart is building, it’s the perfect time to come be part of what Walmart is building, together.

Source: Walmart

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