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Understanding SCA Regulation to choose forex brokers in the United Arab Emirates

Understanding SCA Regulation to choose forex brokers in the United Arab Emirates

Forex trading, an activity revolving around currency exchange, is prevalent among the residents of the United Arab Emirates. It’s crucial to underline that while it’s recommended, it’s not obligatory for forex brokers to acquire authorization from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to serve customers in the UAE.

The SCA is the principal financial regulatory institution in the UAE. The official website is: Residents of the UAE are encouraged to keep up-to-date with SCA’s latest updates by following their official site at

How to Confirm SCA Authorization

The SCA authorization of a forex broker can be verified by utilizing the directory mentioned in the Arincen best forex brokers in the UAE article.

What Trader Protection Does SCA Offer?

While the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) supervises the financial markets within the UAE, there are no specific regulations concerning retail forex or derivatives traders. As a result, numerous brokers accepting customers from the UAE are regulated under other reputable jurisdictions, but not specifically by the SCA.

The Securities and Commodities Authority Law (Federal Law No. 4 of 2000) sets out the regulatory and licensing framework for securities brokers in the UAE. The SCA provides a portal for lodging complaints, available to UAE and GCC citizens. However, this service may only be applicable if your broker is SCA-regulated.

Is Forex Trading Halal in the UAE?

Several forex brokers provide Islamic trading accounts that comply with Sharia law, making them halal (permissible). Accounts usually considered haram (prohibited) in Islamic finance are those that accrue roll-over charges for holding positions overnight, resembling interest-accruing accounts. In Islamic forex accounts, these interest charges are either removed or replaced with a commission per trade. However, the policies differ among brokers. For more details about whether forex trading is halal or haram, follow this article.

How Can One Start Forex Trading in the UAE?

If you’re interested in forex trading in the UAE, start by choosing a reliable, well-regulated forex broker. Follow the step-by-step guide below to begin as a forex trader in the UAE:

Select a reliable broker: The initial step for trading forex in the UAE is to ensure you’re dealing with a well-regulated, trustworthy broker.

Familiarize yourself with your broker’s platform: Investigate the broker’s offerings, including mobile apps, web platforms, and desktop software. I recommend starting with the broker’s free demo account.

Deposit funds in your account: To trade with a live account, you need to fund it using a method accepted by your broker. PayPal has become popular for forex trading accounts due to its global presence and broad currency support. Check our guide for the best PayPal forex brokers for more details.

Develop a trading plan: Even successful traders can face losses, but maintaining a trading plan that minimizes average losses (compared to average profits) is key for long-term success.

Start trading: Determine your preferred trade size, then open a long position by buying a specific currency, or a short position by selling.


In conclusion, trading forex in the UAE requires vigilance, careful broker selection, and a solid understanding of market dynamics. Always ensure that your chosen broker is reputable and regulated under reliable jurisdictions. Even in the absence of specific SCA regulations for retail forex traders, several protective measures are provided within international regulatory frameworks. Furthermore, remember that many brokers offer Islamic accounts, making forex trading halal and compliant with Sharia law. Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of a carefully designed trading plan to navigate the risks and rewards of the forex market. Happy trading!

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