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Tragically, a cap tends to get forgotten about in the hierarchy of outfit accessories. If they’re worn on TV it’s to show that someone is being suspicious, but in the real world a cap is a stylish and practical addition to an outfit. However, they can make or break an outfit too. There’s no point in dressing up to look stylish in your quality streetwear only to lift a cap that is frayed, falling apart or simply looks cheap. People can tell.

So, where should you look for a cap to set your fit off just right? Take a look at our suggestions for the best cap brands.

New Era

New Era is the most recognisable of modern caps. They are the Coca-Cola of the cap world. If you own a cap, chances are it is a New Era cap. And you might not even be aware of it. But if you have an LA Dodgers or NY Yankees cap, you’re wearing New Era. In fact, they have supplied headwear for every Major League Baseball team, with over 500 licences collected and have become a staple of style as much as Levi jeans or a Rolex watch. And it’s easy to see why. They are distinctive, fitted, and stylish.


Swedish designer, Oscar Wigen, is known for his attention to detail and that is easily seen in his caps distributed by the Wigens brand. Moving away from classic and more gentlemanly styles of hats, like fedoras and flat caps, the brand has applied its craftsmanship to a range of stylish streetwear. Like the hats before them, but uncommon for caps on the market, they are made from premium materials like flannel, cashmere, wool, and tweed.


The Yupoong brand is such a mix of style and practicality. Sure, you can wear them playing golf, fishing, on the beach, etc. but they also have a range of styles that let them fit into any streetwear fashion fit.

The unique FlexFit technology allows for a stretch-fit for superior comfort and with a range of cap options from the lighter Flexfit Delta for action to the YP Classics for a more solid and stylish option, there is no way to go wrong with a Yupoong cap.


Another export from Sweden, Stiksen is likely to be as ubiquitous to caps as Stetsons are to western hats. They are known to put their caps at the centre of their outfits as though they are as important as any other aspect, and it shows.

Not only are the caps versatile with colour blocking at the centre of their style, but they are made with sustainability at the forefront. These caps feature recycled wool, 100% organic cotton, and recycled packaging. The combination of style, sustainability and durability makes for a hat that will last at the centre of any outfit.


AMI, with its distinctive logo at the centre of its minimalist design, is the cap equivalent of buying a Ralph Lauren or a Lacoste shirt: the label is the real draw.

AMI, from Alexandre Mattiussi, backs up its logo-centred caps with variety. You can find it in just about any colour and style, but always with a clean design and the embroidered logo at the centre.

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