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Travel Intelligence solution supports leading Fashion Luxury Retailers to understand cross-border shopping

Partnership between Contactlab and Amadeus supports brands to better understand how travel affects global sales

London, 13.03.2017 – Contactlab, a fast growing engagement marketing platform for lifestyle brands, and Amadeus Italia, the Italian branch of the provider of next generation technology solutions for the global travel industry announce a partnership to create a Travel Intelligence solution called Luxury lab.

In Contactlab’s Who buys where: decrypting cross-border luxury demand flows report ( developed in partnership with Exane BNP Paribas, travelers purchasing luxury goods abroad account for around 30% of worldwide revenues. Capitalising on shopper’s travel movement provides revenue generating potential for luxury brands.

This unique partnership allows leading brands to better understand how the movement of people affects sales and to find unexpected correlations amongst data. Leveraging Amadeus Travel Intelligence solution’s data on global airline traffic and Contactlab’s knowledge of the fashion-luxury market, brands can gain a competitive advantage by understanding their customers.

Equipped with users’ flight booking behaviour provided by Amadeus, Contactlab will be able to provide its fashion and luxury clients with valuable insights into their consumers’ cross-border purchasing patterns, thus laying down the foundations to creating a personalised and dynamic strategy for digital customer engagement.

In a joint experiment, Contactlab’s data scientists, supported by Amadeus Italia, uncovered a significant correlation between the revenue growth of luxury shops in Milan during specific periods of the year and the influx of luxury travelers. Chinese passenger grew in number and raised luxury-fashion brands’ sales during the winter period, and at the same time showed a recurrent and above average influx in every quarter. On the contrary, Russian travelers tended to shop in the summertime and at the very beginning of the autumn; UAE and Gulf nationals showed recurrent influx in alternate quarters.

Through this collaboration retailers can now access a massive amount of data on movement of people, and leverage Contactlab’s knowledge of the fashion-luxury market to prepare for the additional in-store traffic and drive customer engagement actions in advance.

“The partnership between Amadeus and Contactlab is proof of the value that data intelligence brings to marketing strategies, particularly when it comes to looking for correlations between seemingly unrelated and heterogeneous data sets,” said Massimo Fubini, CEO and Founder of Contactlab.

Massimo Fubini continues: “The Contactlab Marketing Data Science Cloud correlates location, digital, and transaction data to provide valuable insights on which customer engagement and digital marketing activities can be based. As part of our collaboration, brands will have a joint team of data scientists and disparate data sets on hand to drive marketing actions and ultimately grow revenue”.

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