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TPBank – The Rising Star in Asian Banks

Customers at Vietnamese banks now can open an account, receive a card immediately after few operations, or perform other services with the support of bank staff at any time if they are customers of TPBank – The Rising Star in digital banking in Vietnam.

7 PM is usually the time when Vietnamese people cluster for dinner. However, even at that time, any Vietnamese citizen from 15 years old is possible to open a bank account, savings account or deposit money in bank account immediately. There are not too many banks in the world can do this.

Adapting the need of 24/7 service

According to statistics, it is estimated that Vietnam has about 70 credit institutions, of which commercial banks have to compete in the fierce financial market of billions of dollars.

However, every year, the State Bank of Vietnam only allows commercial banks to open a certain number of new branches. To adapt to this demand, TPBank soon put LiveBank into operation with the capacity of serving customers 24/7 like real branches. Notably, TPBank can open hundreds of new LiveBank machines per year.

With the support of remote employees, LiveBank is aiming to have 200 machines in 2019. Unlike the ATMs you often see in London, LiveBank can issue ATM cards, deposit/withdraw money in bank account by papers, by cards, even by fingerprints fast and conveniently.

TPBank target customers are from 25 to 45 years old and use smartphones. However, there is no big problem for elder customers, since most people in this country can quickly adapt to new technology. It can be seen easily when you have the opportunity to sit at a street coffee shop, you see surrounding people used latest and most feature-packed phones with full of modern applications.

The question is how to adapt to the demand of a large customer segmentation who is interested in technology anytime, anywhere and love to enjoy different experiences? TPBank clearly answered this difficult question with their automated bank and currently, it does have any competitors in this field in Vietnam.

Professional customer service based on technology platform

The diversity of TPBank’s transactional points evokes the cosy atmosphere of European banks. With professional staff, instead of taking the number to arrange the turn, customers will be divided to serve automatically based on the automatic interaction between their ATM cards and the system called eCounter which is integrated at Transaction offices.

TPBank also allows customers to arrange transactions on eBank application, respond to customer requests by using AI assistants and authenticate customers by voice when they call the operator. Thanks to adapting customer needs from the smallest and most sophisticated things, TPBank proved to be differentiated from the rest of banking system in the world.

Mr. Hung Nguyen – CEO of TPBank said that the application of digitalization has brought many achievements for TPBank in improving service quality. On the other hand, when artificial intelligence and computers are able to support customers in many stages, TPBank could spend more time to train and improve employees; skills to become highly competitive bank in the market.

Highly appreciated by customers, TPBank has gained high business indicators from its products and services such as package loans to buy house or purchase car, and products related to card payment such as QuickPay. In 2018, the bank’s profit reached more than 100 million USD, doubling over the same period while remaining the same number of employees compared to the previous year. According to the CEO of TPBank, the bank is setting many ambitious growth targets in 2019 and will work hard to achieve this plan.

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A woman is performing card opening transactions on automatic bank at 9pm in Hanoi, Vietnam


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