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Toyota Expands C+pod Sales to All Customers in Japan


Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced that it will expand sales of the “C+pod” ultra-compact battery electric vehicle (BEV) to all corporate and municipal customers, and now the general public as well. The vehicle was launched for select corporate and municipal customers in December last year. All vehicles will be offered via lease contracts*1, starting from Toyota vehicle dealers and Toyota Rental & Lease Agencies throughout Japan*2.

The C+pod is an environmentally-friendly two-seater BEV. Smaller than a mini-vehicle, it has been designed as a mobility option for a diverse group of daily users who frequently travel short distances with few passengers. This might include young, single new drivers, or older individuals who may be nervous about driving.

It has been well received by customers who have used it, especially for its ease of handling, environmental friendliness, and a full range of safety and security features despite its ultra-compact body. We are now ready to deliver the C+pod to a wider range of customers, so we have decided to expand the sales target to all customers nationwide.

The lease agreement enables casual C+pod use while also ensuring comprehensive vehicle collection with proactive 3R (reduce, re-use, recycle) initiatives for the onboard batteries. This is part of Toyota’s goal of achieving a carbon-neutral mobility society.

Toyota will continue to offer a diverse mobility lineup, including the C+pod and C+walk T*3, to provide safe and secure mobility matched to the needs of customers no matter their stage of life or ability, from new daily drivers to the older drivers, and wheelchair users.

The C+pod is available by the lease agreement. Price plans vary by dealer. Please contact your local dealer or Toyota Rental & Lease Agency.

Source: Toyota

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