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What Are the Top Tips to Look Great in Aviator Eyeglasses?

Aviator Eyeglasses

Aviator glasses for men and women are no less than an absolute fashion statement. Whether you are a style enthusiast or a regular glass wearer, these retro pairs are meant to add a touch of glam and flair. If you are willing to explore the top tips to look tip-top with your aviators on, you have definitely hopped into the right place. Let’s get started without any further ado.

Exploring the Keys to Rock Your Aviators

Below, we will share some secrets (just for you) and you will understand how easy it is to look stunning in your aviators:

Understand Your Face Shape

In order to slay in your aviators, you need to consider your face shape in the first place. While individuals with every face shape can choose to don them, certain face shapes look better than the other ones. For instance, round faces look amazing when paired with these classy aviators. These glasses add definition to the face and create a perfect balance. Apart from that, people with square and oval faces can also rely on these aviator glasses.

●  Pick Glasses that Fit Your Face

Next, you need to opt for the right size so that it sits perfectly on your face. If the aviators don’t come with a snug fit, it will make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Make sure that the pairs enhance your facial features instead of overwhelming your face. You can explore the Best Fit pages available on the internet (browse through the eyewear brands and you will find these pages).

●  Experiment with Different Frame Colours

Explore the wide range of options on the internet and you will find that aviator glasses are available in a plethora of colours. Experiment with multiple frame colours and choose to look different every day. While tortoiseshell or black frames speak volumes about sophistication, gold and classic silver eyeglasses portray timeless elegance. You can also consider bold colours and stand out among the lot with ease.

●  Focus on the Lens Colours

Perfect your aviator look with the right kinds of lens colours- every option comes with a different purpose that is way beyond ‘aesthetics’. With coloured or mirrored lenses, you can consider adding a playful touch. On the other hand, darker lenses are great when maximised sun protection is taken into consideration. Also, remember to invest in lens colours that align perfectly with your skin tone, personality and style.

●  Groom Yourself Well

If you don’t groom yourself well, only aviator glasses will not help you steal the spotlight. Proper grooming like a clean-shaved look or keeping your hair in check is everything you need to do to look perfectly stunning. Groom your eyebrows and keep their shape ‘on point’. You also need to take care of your skin by using skincare products, thus looking polished and elegant.

●  Keep Your Outfits in Mind

Yes, you need to match your glasses with your outfits. You can choose contrasting colours and nail your fashion game effortlessly. With aviators, you can sport every clothing such as semi-formal, casual and athleisure attire. Grab a classic look by pairing your aviators with a denim and leather jacket. Planning to go on a beach trip this weekend? Fret not, aviators look awesome with a fashionable swimsuit as well.

●  Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

It’s true that aviator glasses are excellent statement-making pieces. However, you can still choose to accessorise your look with various other elements like a subtle necklace, a stylish watch or a classic hat. These accessories won’t overshadow your glasses, they will only add to the charm.

Pay Attention to the Maintenance Factor

Last but not least, if you don’t take proper care of your glasses, these pairs won’t look good! Clean them with specialised solutions and rub off the dirt and dust with a microfibre cloth. Keep them inside your case whenever you are not wearing your glasses- leaving them here and there won’t serve the purpose at all. Love your aviators and they will definitely love you back.

Own with Confidence, it Matters a LOT

To end with, your confidence is the key to looking great in aviators or any other glasses cat-eyes or prescription sports glasses. Walk with a purpose and stand tall- show off the style that you have created just for yourself!

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