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Top Real Estate Brands in China

The top 3 real estate Companies in China – China Overseas Land

and Investment Limited, China Vanke, China Resources Land have a market capitalization of more than 40 billion US dollars as per Wikipedia.  In the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, the real estate sector in China was growing so rapidly that the government implemented a series of policies – including raising the required down payment for some property purchases, and five 2007 interest rate increases – due to concerns of overheating. But after the crisis hit, these policies were quickly eliminated, and in some cases tightened. Beijing also launched a massive stimulus package to boost growth, and much of the stimulus wound up flowing into the property market and driving prices upward, resulting in investors increasingly looking abroad. By late 2014, the IMF warned that a real estate oversupply problem had arisen that threatened to negatively impact the economy, particularly in 2nd and 3rd tier cities.As of 2015 the market was experiencing low growth and the central government had eased prior measures to tighten interest rates, increase deposits and impose restrictions.By early 2016, the Chinese government introduced a series of measures to increase property purchases, including lower taxes on home sales, limiting land sales for new development projects, and the third in a series of mortgage down payment reductions.

Top Real Estate Brand in China



Following are the top real estate companies in China as per Market Capitalization

Rank Name Type Headquarters Market capitalisation in US$ billion
1 China Overseas Land and Investment Limited State-owned Hong Kong Hong Kong 17.8
2 China Vanke Public China Shenzhen, Guangdong 15
3 China Resources Land State-owned Hong Kong Hong Kong 10.7
4 Poly Real Estate Public China Guangzhou, Guangdong 10.6
5 Shimao Property Public China Shanghai 6.2
6 Country Garden Public China Foshan, Guangdong 5.8
7 R&F Properties Public China Guangzhou, Guangdong 5.2
8 Sino-Ocean Land State-owned China Beijing 5.2
9 Agile Property Public China Zhongshan, Guangdong 4.7
10 China Merchants Property State-owned China Shenzhen, Guangdong 4.4
11 Financial Street Holding State-owned China Beijing 3.9
12 Poly Property Public Hong Kong Hong Kong 3.7
13 Glorious Property Holdings Public China Shanghai 3
14 Franshion Properties State-owned Hong Kong Hong Kong 2.9
15 SOHO China Public China Beijing 2.9
16 Shui On Land Public China Shanghai 2.6
17 Hopson Development Public China Guangzhou, Guangdong 2.5
18 New World China Land Public Hong Kong Hong Kong 2.1
19 Yuexiu Property State-owned Hong Kong Hong Kong 1.9
20 KWG Property Public China Guangzhou, Guangdong 1.8
21 Sunac China Public China Tianjin 1.3


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