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Top Financial Education Brands You Should Know Of

Financial Education

Financial education is key in today’s world. Financial education resources are abundant on the internet, but it requires knowledge to find knowledge. In modern days, everything is related to finance, from career to personal life, proper financial planning and education guarantee a financial future and stability. Let’s review the best financial education sources and brands everyone should know.

Top brands to know for financial education

Besides famous personalities, there are also several brands worth mentioning who are offering high-quality financial education to the public.

Khan Academy

This famous non-profit organization is focused on many different fields and provides short videos for free. There are short educational videos about a wide range of subjects like math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, and history, and all of them are free, providing priceless value for everyone. Khan Academy is a well-known brand that was founded in 2008.


In the world of finance, there are several ways to get quality knowledge to increase your chances of success. Learning financial trading can help to better understand finance as trading encompasses many critical financial topics like risk management, portfolio planning, and money management. Risk management and money management are key to controlling risks and planning future financial independence. It is easier to learn to trade with the LearnFX knowledge base as the website covers important aspects of finance like risk management, portfolio, and strategies that can be used to analyze and manage to trade and invest. Risk management can save you from losing money, while portfolio management can lead to dividends and financial freedom early in life. Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, and how to diversify your portfolio all lead to a successful financial future.


This well-known website is rich in personal finance educational articles and materials. Kiplinger is a publisher of personal finance and business forecasting advice that covers topics like investing, retirement, taxes, and real estate. They offer subscriptions to get daily financial news and important articles.

The balance

Another great source of financial information and educational resources. The Balance offers easy-to-understand financial advice, including personal finance devised by expert writers, to help beginners manage their money more efficiently. With over 10,000 pieces of content, including news, how-to guides, and product reviews, The Balance provides clear and practical advice about every aspect of financial life. With more than 20 years of experience, the balance really provides value for people who are interested in investing, buying a home, saving for retirement, or working to achieve financial goals. Over 50 writers are working on Balance’s advice and are experts in their topics.

Finance education gurus who are superb

From countless gurus you can find on the web, these are the most notable personalities in the world of financial education including

Suze Orman

Authoring several best-selling books and being an expert in personal finance, Suze Orman really is a personality every human who is interested in personal finance must know. The bestsellers include The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+, The Road to Wealth, and The Money Book for the young, Fabulous & Broke. Suze is a former vice president of investments and Prudential-Bache, heads her own financial planning firm, and is a columnist for Self magazine. She also appeared on TV several times. All of these including her website truly make her a very legitimate financial advisor and personal finance guru. Suze Orman’s show covers 14 sessions and is full of important financial information.

Robert Kiyosaki

When talking about financial education, Robert Kiyosaki naturally comes to mind as one of the best finance gurus on the planet. He is the author of a best-selling book, from which the Rich Dad Poor Dad is a must-read for anyone interested in finance and business. Robert Kiyosaki is also an investor with very important financial knowledge, which he shares with everyone in his books and videos. His books are the first steps and guides toward financial freedom and independence. Robert Kiyosaki’s website also includes a game called Cashflow that focuses solely on surviving and becoming wealthy in the long term. The game is free and can be played with friends, increasing its value for the public.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey III is an American personal finance personality, businessman, author, and radio show host. He has his own business called Ramsey Solutions which targets people who are interested in learning to budget, control and beat their debt, and invest. Dave Ramsey is also the author of the bestselling books The financial peace planner, Smart Money Smart Kids, EntreLeadership, The money answer book, and many others.

All the people mentioned above have their classes and coaching sessions for the interested public. Their knowledge is very critical for financial success.


Financial education is key to surviving in the long term in today’s world. Since we are living in an informational age, there are several trustworthy sources available on the internet to get educated in finance. For securing the financial future and freedom, these personalities and brands have value to offer. Gurus like Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, and Dave Ramsey all have several bestseller books involving personal finance and long-term financial success. Suze Orman also has a TV show focusing on financial education, while Ramsey is a radio host. Kiyosaki has an excellent game Cashflow that can be played, and crucial financial truths are gained from it. All three of these people provide valuable information based on their experience, and they are millionaires, which is very important.

Brands like Khan Academy, the Balance, and Kiplinger provide various topics and subjects including finances free of charge. Especially valuable is Khan Academy, which is free and provides all lessons in short videos, making it a simple and intuitive process to learn about finances and many other topics too. The balance comes with more than 20 years of experience and provides expert-based resources and advice about finance and investing.

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