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Top Clothing Brands in Europe

Top Clothing Brands in Europe

European clothes brands are known for their style, which includes a range of the latest trends and designs. As a result, these clothes are usually well-known or easily identifiable. The clothing is known for their quality and is also well-known to be durable, which makes it great for daily use. Here’s a roundup of the top clothing brands in Europe.

7. H&M

Top Clothing Brands in Europe

Hennes & Mauritz AB, commonly known as H&M or HM, is a Swedish multinational chain of clothing and accessories retailers. It was founded in 1947 by Erling Persson and his wife Hilma. The first store opened in Göteborg (now named Gothenburg). In 1953 the company changed its name to Hennes & Mauritz after their two daughters were born.

With 250 stores all over the world it has been estimated that this brand is worth about $16 billion USD. This year they have had an incredible debut at Harrods department store in London – with queues snaking around the building for hours just to get into one of their stores.

6. Levi’s

Top Clothing Brands in Europe

This is a brand you might have heard of, but in case you haven’t here are some facts. Levi Strauss & Co (founded 1853) started the first American-made blue jeans and was one of the inventors of denim manufacturing. The company founded its first overseas subsidiary in London back in 1890 – a move that paved the way for Levi to become one of the leading international brands during the Victorian era – mainly thanks to their use of gold buttons.

These days it has over 3,000 stores worldwide including around 500 on 5th Avenue New York City alone which makes it an even more international fashion icon. You can purchase high quality, non-distressed clothing from this US brand too at prices ranging from under $100 USD upwards depending on your particular size and style.

5. Zara

Top Clothing Brands in Europe

This Spanish fashion brand was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega. He opened a small shop on Calle Correo, near La Ronda, Sevilla selling surplus stock from other companies that were going out of business. His prices were 70% cheaper than the competition and he began to attract attention from customers looking for bargains.

The first Zara store did not open until 1980 however it is now one of the most popular brands across Europe – owning over 3,000 stores all over Spain as well as being sold in around 300 international outlets and with revenues exceeding 9 billion Euros per year.


Top Clothing Brands in Europe

This online clothing retailer started off back in 2000 when founder Nick Robertson was an 18-year-old graduate student living at home with his parents because he could not afford his own accommodation while studying Business Studies at University College London (he had originally begun making websites for friends whilst still at school).

ASOS later expanded into 100 countries worldwide including the UK where they have 1 million members who spend approximately £80m a month shopping online which makes them probably Britain’s biggest eCommerce company ever.

3. Ted Baker

Ted Baker

This brand was founded in 1961 by David Anderson and Ian Wood. Anderson was a successful tailor and wood worked in the shoe trade. The pair established their first store in London’s West End at 201 Oxford Street where they hired out bespoke suits. Ted Baker was later purchased by the French company the H. Stern Group.

The company is now owned by a British investment firm with over 350 retail stores in over 25 countries throughout the world. They are best known for their signature slogan ‘Designers for modern men’ – which is a play on the fact that they don’t design, they just sell clothes by the best fashion designers in the world.

2. Burberry


This brand was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. He was born in 1814 in London and went on to become a tailor. He later became a wealthy businessman selling his goods to the British Army. In 1896 he was knighted by Queen Victoria for his services to the Royal Navy.

He opened a factory in Basingstoke in the 1920s and became one of the most successful fashion designers of the era. His company is now owned by the Italian luxury goods company PPR which has a market capitalisation of over $7.1 billion.

Fashion brands in Europe are known for their quality and are also well-known. This makes it great for everyday use.

1. Organic Basics

Organic Basics

This is a local clothing brand that was started in 2012 by a couple from the US. They are based in Portland, Oregon and sell their organic duds in over 130 stores across the US. The clothing is made out of organic cotton and comes in a range of different colours.

A range of designs are also available including some with quirky prints. They also have a range of accessories and other merchandise which makes them a great place to get all your eco-friendly fashion accessories.

These clothes are made from organic cotton, which is grown and processed using organic farming methods. Organic farming is known for its environmental benefits, which is why it’s become so popular. Organic products are also known for being more natural.

And there we have it, that concludes our roundup of the top brands of clothes in Europe. It was a tough choice but we’re pleased with the selection of brands we’ve come up with as they represent a diverse range of brands across the clothing retail spectrum.

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