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Top 10 Wireless Earphone Brands

Top 10 Wireless Earphone Brands

For people who frequently use earphones, wireless earphones are their best options. Wired earphones tend to be damaged quicker than wireless ones. The products from the best wireless earphones last much longer than their wired counterparts. A lot of factors contribute to choosing the best wireless earphone brands. The audio quality, battery life, and connectivity features are a few among the deciding aspects to settle on the world’s best wireless earphone brands.

Since it can be confusing to choose from the available brands and products, here is a comprehensive list of the best wireless earphones to buy in 2021.

1. Samsung

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can be considered the most well-rounded and best wireless earphones, overall.

The product comes with dependable 11-hour battery life and is offered in various colours.

It has a two-way driver that delivers emphatic bass. It focuses on the mid frequencies which most other best wireless earphones brands don’t look into.

The EQ tuning and the ambient sound preferences can be adjusted using Samsung’s companion mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The fit is comfortable to be worn for long periods. However, it lacks noise cancellation and its sweat resistance isn’t at par with other products in its price range. Apart from this, it is almost perfect and deserves to be ranked first among the best wireless earphones to buy in 2021.

2. Apple 


For people who are heavily invested in Apple products. Apple AirPod pro is the best wireless earphone to buy. Apple earns the #2 rank on our top 10 wireless earphone brands’ list owing to several features. It has a closed acoustic design and is lightweight at just 5.4g. With true noise cancellation features and the added benefit of tracking hearing health, the new AirPods are one of the best wireless earphones in the market.

The most obvious drawback of this product is its higher price than most of its rivals. However, with a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz and a battery life of 24 hours (in the charging case), Apple can be considered among the top wireless earphone companies.

3. Sony

The Sony WF-1000XM3 is one of a kind with its 30ft Bluetooth connectivity range. Offering active noise-cancellation with almost as much efficiency as over-ears, Sony has notched the top spot among the best wireless earphone brands.

These earpods are truly wireless, sleek, and offer 18 hours of battery life with the charging case and 6 hours without it. These features are enough to make it one of the top 10 wireless earphone brands available. Similar to most products, it has a frequency response of 20-20000Hz. It has a closed acoustic design built with a dome type driver.

Priced at below Rs 20,000 Sony packs in a feature-filled product and settles itself comfortably on the list of the world’s best wireless earphone brands.

4. Sennheiser


The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is the biggest rival of Sony in the market. It offers almost the same features as Sony but with a flashier design.

It has a closed acoustic design and weighs just 6g. With its lightweight product that provides active noise-cancellation features, Sennheiser has notched a spot among the best wireless earphone brands.

With a frequency response of 5 – 21,000Hz and an on-board battery life of 7 hours, it is one of the best earpods in the market. The earpods are suited to Hi-Res Audio.

The earpods, however, are not well-suited for people with smaller ears. Besides, the higher price (Rs. 24900) acts as adversity and makes it fall behind in the race of the top 10 wireless earphone brands.

5. Beats


The Beats PowerBeats Pro is a product that is good news for both Android and iOS users. These are one of the best wireless earphones and they are compatible with iOS.

The earpods offer a battery life of 25 hours (with a charging case) along with an immaculate fit and a closed acoustic design.

The differences between the Beats and the Apple products set the competition. While AirPods are truly wireless, Beats’ ones are over-ears. There are subtle differences like the addition of a pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric venting hole in PowerBeats Pro. It has a longer battery life and better sound quality.

The earphones are priced lower than AirPods and Beats easily ranks as one among the world’s best wireless earphone brands.

6. Jabra


The Jabra Elite 75t has been dubbed as the worthy successor to the Elite 65t.

These earpods are very comfortable on the ears, weighing just 5.5g and are built with a closed acoustic design. They have a battery life (on-board) of around 7.5 hours and a Bluetooth range of 33ft.

Priced at Rs. 13,999 and packed with features, the Jabra wireless earpods are among the world’s best wireless earphone brands.

This product has a feature that lets apps customize its EQ and a frequency response of 20-20000 Hz.

The drawbacks of Jabra are few but they are overshadowed by the good qualities and make it on the list of top 10 wireless earphone brands. The earphones lack active noise-cancellation and the bass has been reviewed to be overwhelming. Apart from that Jabra has made its place as one of the top wireless earphone companies.

7. Klipsch


With an onboard battery life of 8 hours and fantastic sound quality, the Klipsch T5 True Wireless is easily one of the best wireless earphones available in the market.

The earphones have a warm, detailed, and never harsh sound quality that works for both acoustic songs and electronic beats equally well. It offers a battery life of over 20 hours with a charging case and frequency response of 20-20kHz.

The product comes with an extremely cool case and that alone is enough to make it one of the best wireless earphones to buy in 2021. However, the features it offers play an important role, too.

The apparent cons to the earphones are their uncomfortable deep fit.

8. Soundmagic


The biggest pro of the SoundMAGIC TWS50 its affordable pricing and the essential features that this product offers. One of the best wireless earphones priced at Rs 4396, the SoundMAGIC TWS50 offers a battery life of 7 hours onboard and 23 hours with the charging case.

 The sound of the earphones has been reviewed as pretty great for the price. It has a closed acoustic design with a neodymium dynamic driver type of 6mm.

The earphones are a cheaper alternative for earpods and have a comfortable fit. The price and the features its offers at the given price have rocketed it into the list of the top ten wireless earphone brands.

9. Microsoft


The Microsoft Surface Earbuds are the biggest contender of the Apple AirPods on this list.

This pair of earphones are definitely among the best wireless earphones. they boast of app-based adjustable EQs, an aptX Bluetooth connectivity along responsive touch controls. They are perfectly compatible with all of Microsoft’s hardware and software ranges.

However, they don’t have active noise-cancellation neither does the battery life fall into stride with the expectations from such a premium company. The battery life on board is eight hours, while with the charging case it is only 16 hours. The design is bulky with a 25 mm diameter (which is a lot for in-ears) and weighs over 7g. These reasons have made The Surface Earbuds rank low on the top ten wireless earphones’ list.

10. Audio Technica

Audio Technica

The Audio Technica ATH-CKS5TW comes equipped with a well-managed bass enhancement sound. These earphones can be considered as one of the best wireless earphones.

The product has a promising battery life of 45 hours with the case. Audio Technica has been one of the world’s best wireless earphone brands and this product is its testimony.

With a frequency response of 5-40kHz, these earpods provide very good sound quality.

Although the earphones are bulky and weigh 8g, the sound quality and battery life make it worth the buy. It is one of the earphones that truly deserves to be counted among the top wireless earphones companies.

Conclusion: The top priority of customers can be anything from sound quality, level of comfort, the battery life, the quality of voice call, or inclusion of noise cancellation. A brand that boasts to be among the world’s best wireless earphone brands should cover almost all of these factors.

The price factor also goes a long way in determining which products the consumers will buy from among the best wireless earphones, as different companies offer different features in the same price range. However, this list has been compiled after comparing the products from top wireless earphones companies and only keeping listener preferences in mind.

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