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Top 10 Shows to Watch on Amazon TV In 2023

Amazon TV

Amazon TV provides access to a vast library of content, including popular TV shows across various genres.

These are some of the most popular shows that are now on Amazon TV and that have garnered positive reviews from viewers:

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Award-winning television programme The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was developed by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The sitcom, which is set in the 1950s and 1960s, centres on the lives of housewife and mother-of-two Miriam “Midge” Maisel (played by Rachel Brosnahan), who realises she has a gift for stand-up comedy.

The New York City setting of the series portrays the social and cultural conventions of the era. Joel, played by Michael Zegen, is Midge’s husband and a businessman with comedic aspirations. Midge nevertheless comes to the stage and starts singing at the Gaslight Café when he departs for his secretary.

Amazon TV

Midge soon builds a fan base as a result of the popularity of her performances. Her manager Susie, played by Alex Borstein, supports her in her comic endeavours by guiding her through the stand-up comedy industry and helping her succeed as a performer.

The narrative, acting, and faithfulness to the era of the production have all received accolades. It has received several honours, including numerous Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards.

Midge’s personal and professional lives are linked throughout the entire series. She strives to strike a balance between her obligations as a mother, daughter, and friend and her work. Also, the show looks at society expectations, family relationships, and gender roles.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as a whole, is a skillfully written and enjoyable television series that offers a distinctive look into the world of stand-up comedy and the social mores of the 1950s and 1960s.

2. The Boys

Based on the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic book of the same name, The Boys is an American superhero television series. Eric Kripke’s series debuted on Amazon Prime Video in 2019 and has since gained popularity among viewers.

The Boys follows a squad of vigilantes who want to eliminate corrupt superheroes known as “The Seven” in a world where superheroes are celebrities and businesses benefit off their renown. Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, is the leader of the organisation and is committed to bringing down the superheroes who, in his opinion, are to blame for his wife’s abduction.

Amazon TV

The show is well-known for its brutal violence and dark humour and deviates from many of the clichés seen in superhero storylines. The Boys’ superheroes aren’t the kindhearted ones we’re used to seeing in other comic book adaptations. They are characterised as being morally reprehensible persons who misuse their position for personal gain.

The programme examines issues of authority, deceit, and the perils of idolising people without holding them responsible for their deeds. Also, it takes on matters like corporate greed, how the media shapes public opinion, and the cost of celebrity.

The cast of The Boys, which includes Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, and Dominique McElligott, has received accolades for their outstanding performances as well as for the film’s snappy writing, interesting characters, and performances. Fans are anxiously awaiting the continuation of The Boys’ narrative after the show was extended for a third season.

3. The Expanse

The Expanse is a science fiction television show that is based on James S.A. Corey’s book series of the same name. The programme made its Amazon Prime Video debut in 2015, and since then, it has grown to be one of the most watched and well regarded science fiction programmes on television.

The Expanse, which is set in the future, follows a cast of individuals as they negotiate a complicated political environment in a solar system that has been colonised. The show’s varied ensemble includes James Holden, a spacecraft captain, Chrisjen Avasarala, a United Nations official portrayed by Shohreh Aghdashloo, and investigator Josephus Miller, played by Thomas Jane (played by Steven Strait).

Amazon TV

The show is renowned for its meticulousness, scientific correctness, and captivating, multi-faceted characters. Politics, power, and the position of humans in the cosmos are some of the issues the programme addresses.

The Expanse has received accolades for its imaginative world-building, standout performances, and deft blending of intense drama and rigorous science fiction. The programme has been extended for a sixth and final season and has garnered several accolades, including a Hugo Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation.

Ultimately, The Expanse is a must-watch for sci-fi aficionados and one of the finest television programmes due to its combination of spectacular space opera and intricate human drama.

4. Jack Ryan

Based on Tom Clancy’s fictional Jack Ryan, the Jack Ryan television series is a political thriller. John Krasinski plays the eponymous character, a former Marine turned CIA analyst, in the drama, which made its debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2018.

As a financial analyst for the CIA, Ryan is followed throughout the series as he unearths a risky conspiracy involving a terrorist group. During a short period of time, he is pulled into the realm of international espionage and is forced to negotiate the convoluted politics of the intelligence community in order to avert a deadly strike on American soil.

Amazon TV

Terrorism, national security, and the cost of allegiance are some of the subjects covered in the series. It also explores the inner challenges of its protagonists, such as Greer’s sickness and Ryan’s PTSD.

High production standards, clever script, and the ability to strike a balance between drama and action have all been lauded for Jack Ryan. Fans are excited to see what new difficulties Jack Ryan will face in his upcoming trip now that the show has been renewed for a third season.

5. Bosch

Based on the works of Michael Connelly, Bosch is a criminal drama television programme produced in the United States. Titus Welliver plays LAPD murder investigator Harry Bosch in the show, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video in 2014. Bosch looks into a range of incidents in and around Los Angeles.

The show is renowned for its realistic roughness, deep character growth, and skillful storytelling. The emphasis of the show’s seasons often shifts from one case or set of cases to another, but there are also recurring stories that endure from one season to the next.

Amazon TV

Justice, morality, and the complexity of the criminal justice system are some of the subjects that Bosch examines. The book also goes into detail about Bosch’s private life, including his tumultuous relationship with his daughter and his issues with PTSD as a result of his involvement in the first Gulf War.

Jamie Hector plays Jerry Edgar, Bosch’s sidekick, in the television series, while Amy Aquino plays Lieutenant Grace Billets. The show has received recognition for its excellent script, skilled directing, and superb cast work.

The seventh and final season of Bosch has been picked up, and it will air on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. The programme is regarded as one of the top crime dramas on television and has achieved both critical and commercial success.

6. Hanna

A thriller television show called Hanna is based on the same-named movie from 2011. Esme Creed-Miles plays the eponymous heroine in the programme, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video in 2019. Esme Creed-Miles’ father trains her to be an assassin.

The show follows Hanna as she works her way through the complications of contemporary life and looks for answers about her background. A nasty CIA agent named Marissa Wiegler, portrayed by Mireille Enos, is after her along the way.

Amazon TV

High-stakes action scenes, fascinating characters, and elegant directing are hallmarks of Hanna. Identity, family, and the effects of violence are some of the issues the programme examines. Also, it has a wide array of characters, including Sophie, Hanna’s best friend, and her father Erik Heller (played by Joel Kinnaman) (played by Rhianne Barreto).

The show has received accolades for its potent performances, deftly designed action scenes, and capacity to strike a delicate balance between serious drama and lighthearted humour. The third season of the programme has been picked up, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next in Hanna’s adventure.

Overall, Hanna is one of the most fascinating series on television thanks to its combination of intriguing characters and heart-pounding action. It is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful, high-octane entertainment.

7. Sneaky Pete

The David Shore and Bryan Cranston television series Sneaky Pete is a criminal drama. Giovanni Ribisi plays Marius Josipovic, a con artist who adopts the identity of his old cellmate in order to evade the wrath of a violent criminal, in the drama, which made its debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2017.

The show follows Marius as he attempts to maintain his deception, avoid the gangster, and reconcile with his estranged family. He must manoeuvre through a maze of lies and deceit along the way, all the while staying out of trouble with the authorities and other deadly criminals.

Amazon TV

The movie Sneaky Pete is renowned for its witty script, nuanced characters, and top-notch acting. Bryan Cranston portrays a menacing criminal mastermind, while Margo Martindale plays Marius’ tenacious grandma. The drama also contains a strong ensemble of performers.

The show looks at issues like loyalty, family, and the hazy distinction between good and evil. Also, it explores the intriguing world of con artists and the complex techniques they employ to achieve their goals.

Several people have complimented Sneaky Pete for its gripping narrative, well-drawn characters, and capacity to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Fans are looking forward to the continuation of Marius’ exciting journey as the programme has been renewed for a third season.

8. Homecoming

Sam Esmail is the creator of the psychological suspense television show Homecoming. Julia Roberts plays Heidi Bergman, a former caseworker at a facility that aids troops in making the transition back into civilian life, in the drama, which made its debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2018.

The show is split into two timelines, the first of which follows Heidi while she works at the Homecoming facility and the second of which takes place four years later, when she has started a new job as a waitress. As the plot develops, it becomes apparent that Heidi’s experience at Homecoming is more complicated than first appears to be the case, and a web of intrigue and deception starts to come to light.

Amazon TV

The creative plot, intricate characters, and magnificent graphics of Homecoming are well-known. A superb ensemble of performers performs in the production, including Stephan James as Walter Cruz, a soldier attempting to acclimatise to civilian life, and Bobby Cannavale as Colin Belfast, a Homecoming supervisor with a secret purpose.

Memory, identity, and the effects of war are some of the issues covered in the series. It also explores the shadowy realm of government conspiracies and the ways that strong institutions may influence and take advantage of weak people.

Homecoming has received plaudits for its compelling story, skilled directing, and excellent ensemble performances. The programme has been given a second season renewal, and viewers can’t wait to see what happens in this exciting and thought-provoking series next.

9. Patriot

Steven Conrad is the author of the dark comedy-drama television series Patriot. Michael Dorman plays John Tavner in the series, which made its debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2015. Tavner is an intelligence officer entrusted with keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Following John as he struggles with his own mental health concerns and tries to keep his cover as a mid-level employee at an industrial pipe firm, the series shows him navigating a web of conspiracies and covert operations. Along the journey, he will face many challenges and enemies, including his own coworkers and relatives.

Amazon TV

Patriot is renowned for its off-the-wall comedy, imaginative storyline, and exceptional acting. Terry O’Quinn plays John’s father in the programme, Kurtwood Smith plays his employer, and Chris Conrad performs the role of John’s estranged brother.

The show looks with issues like loyalty, family, and the human cost of espionage. It explores the oddities and inconsistencies of the intelligence community as well as how frequently government employees are compelled to violate their own morals and principles in order to accomplish their goals.

Patriot has received accolades for its creativity, daring aesthetic, and capacity to strike a balance between lighter themes and serious subjects. The programme has a dedicated following; even though it was cancelled after two seasons, viewers who enjoy its quirky sensibility and outlandish take on the espionage genre continue to watch it.

10. Upload

Greg Daniels is the author of the science fiction comedy-drama series Upload. In the near future, where individuals may transfer their consciousness into a virtual afterlife, the programme, which made its Amazon Prime Video debut in 2020, is set.

Nathan Brown, a young software developer who perishes in a car accident and is offered the choice to transfer his mind into a virtual afterlife called Lakeview, is the main character of the television show. There, he meets Nora, his “angel” in customer service, and the two start getting along despite living in quite different worlds.

Amazon TV

As Nathan gets used to his new existence, he unearths a network of cover-ups and conspiracies and starts to wonder whether his passing could not have been an accident. Nora, meanwhile, must negotiate the convoluted laws and politics of the afterlife while juggling her own personal and professional difficulties.

The novel Upload is renowned for its original idea, astute humour, and alluring characters. A superb ensemble of performers performs in the series, including Allegra Edwards as Nathan’s affluent girlfriend Ingrid, Andy Allo as Nora, and Robbie Amell as Nathan.

Technology, death, and the ways that virtual worlds may mimic and distort our real-world experiences are some of the issues explored in the series. Moreover, it examines themes of privilege and class as well as how economic inequality endures even in a post-scarcity society.

The narrative, acting, and visual effects of Upload have all received accolades. The series has been given a second season renewal, and viewers can’t wait to see what this creative and entertaining programme has in store for them next.

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