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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer

The moment you decide that you need a lawyer to represent any case, If you require the best lawyer to carry out the task, you’re issuing them with great potential. The moment you get a great lawyer, you will be able to ask them several questions so that you can decide on whether the lawyer you are hiring is the best lawyer for you or not. According to Astor Legal, the best lawyers to represent you are lawyers that are very qualified and will represent you excellently in court and can always guarantee you a win.

The top questions to ask are :

1. Have You Ever Handled A Case Like This One?

Case handling is the first question you must ask your lawyer; you don’t want to work with a lawyer who is new in the field and cannot handle the case you are asking them to take, because they will eat up your money, and you will lose the case.

2. Do You Practise In The Courtroom Where My Case Is Being Heard?

Finding an experienced lawyer is the essential thing that you need to do; you should also try and understand whether the lawyer you are paying for their services has any experience with the jury who will preside over your case. If they know them, he or they will be able to read the room and learn how to deal with the issue when the jury is present.

3. Have You Ever Been Accused Of Attorney Misconduct?

When hiring your lawyer, it is crucial to know whether your lawyer has ever violated any legal rules or responsibilities. Even if you can gather the information from the website of the state’s legal licensing authority, you should still ask your lawyer about it.

4. Do You Have Any Form Of Conflict Of Interest?

Any lawyer that you are hiring needs to advise you on any conflict of interest. You should also ask your lawyer the question to know whether the previous clients whom the lawyer represented would limit the lawyer’s ability to represent you and if there is, then there is conflict. For instance, when you want to sue the hospital, which the lawyer described, then there is conflict.

5. What Are The Outcomes Of My Case?

Lawyers are not fortune tellers and should never guarantee you a specific result because everything might change when all of you are in the courtroom. However, they can issue you with a preliminary assessment of what may happen.

6. How Much Will He Charge?

Always ask your lawyer how much they will charge you for them to represent you in court. This will allow you to budget for the expense, and in case you can’t afford this lawyer, you can look for an affordable one. For example, if your lawyer is representing you for monetary damages, he is paid a contingency fee which is a third of what you will get after the trial.

7. What Strategy Do You Propose?

A lawyer should explain to you the method he will use to represent you and say why they used this method.

8. How Long Will The Case Take?

Your lawyer should give you an estimated time of how long the case will take to get resolved.

9. How Will They Communicate?

It would help if you always kept in touch with your lawyer to know of any changes in the case and how it’s proceeding.

10. Are There Alternatives To The Trial?

Your lawyer should inform you of the possibility of a negotiated resolution before you go to trial.  For instance, when the case deals with criminal matters, you can get a plea bargain.

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