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Things to Consider When Going on a Workation


Owners of small businesses always struggle when they’re taking a vacation. Vacations are for taking some time off work and recharging your energy batteries. However, some employees don’t have paid off-work time, so they can’t go on a getaway without bringing their work to it.

Luckily, we have our technology to thank in such situations that made the notion of a workation possible. A workation, as the name suggests, is simply a vacation where you also work. Indeed, it’s not as relaxing as a vacation where you can completely take your mind off thinking about your day-to-day tasks. Still, this type of hybrid vacation can offer an excellent compromise for all the owners of smart businesses around the globe.

Choosing the best city for a workation can sometimes be overwhelming, given that you have to make plans on how you will complete your assignments, but Holidu’s Workation Index help. After choosing the best city for your workation which is workation-friendly, go through our easy guide on things you should also consider when going on a workation.

List of the main things to consider for a workation

To make your workation a completely stress-free and personalized experience, consider the following tips:

Delegate work to assistants and notify the customers

It’s okay to delegate some work to your coworkers and assistants when you’re on your workation. Give them insight into your tasks so that they can complete them in your place when necessary. Also, notify the customers too that you’re going on a workation, and that they should contact you only for matters nobody else in the company can help them with.

Finish as much work as you can before the workation

If there’s an important project you are a part of, give your best to finish it before the trip. The more you complete before traveling, the less stress when you reach your workation destination. Remember that your goal is to incorporate little work into the vacation, not fit a small part of the vacation into the work.

Try to stay as professional as you can

If you occupy an important position, there will be some tasks, issues, or matters nobody else from the company can solve. In such cases, you will have to make video calls and phone calls to report to your duty. Try to stay professional on such occasions and neutralize background noise if someone calls you while you’re at the beach. Purchasing noise-canceling headphones for such events would be the best way to go.

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