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These US Destinations Landed on Forbes Top of Places to Visit in 2023

These US Destinations Landed on Forbes Top of Places to Visit in 2023

Did the travel bug bite you yet? Are you trying to pick a destination for your next trip? If you’re an enthusiastic traveler, choosing the place for your next vacation is like being forced to decide between your pets. You cannot pick one because you love them all the same. And to make it worse, when it comes to travel destinations, your preferences can change at any time because there are so many options to choose from. 

Forbes Advisor compiled a list of the best 50 destinations to help you narrow down the list. We extracted the US destinations from the list to make it easier for you to decide upon your next vacation destination; suppose you don’t want to travel across the globe. From places with tropical beaches to vibrant cities and mountainside areas, the United States has plenty to offer, and the following places could serve as getaways for everyone.

Athens, Georgia

You might not have heard much about Athens, Georgia, but it’s one of the most scenic places to visit this summer because it’s a city where you can feel the nostalgia of rock bands. It’s also the ideal place to go with your group of friends; suppose you want to have fun because it has a high number of bars-per-capita (over 70 bars in a square mile). The city is a place that suits everyone, and depending on what you’re looking for, you can plan diverse activities.

If you’re into historic music, make sure to add the Georgia Theatre and 40 Watt Club to your to-see list.

And let’s not forget about the historic downtown with over 100 bars, shops, and restaurants. This side of the city is more alive on a Monday morning than most places on a Friday night.

You should also add to your to-do list a visit to Wuxtry Records, the oldest record store in Georgia. The place has been in business for over 40 years and stays strong, even if digital music took over the market.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you want to visit the most bizarre museums in the USA and eat a delicious meal after, Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the best vacation destination for you. You can get a flight from the Newark Airport to Nashville and then drive for two hours to Chattanooga down Interstate 24. When planning the trip, make sure to book parking at Newark airport if you drive by car from home to the airport.

Chattanooga is the perfect vacation destination for art lovers because the city is filled with public art. The authorities have dedicated a significant part of the public budget to sprinkling the town with murals and sculptures, so expect to see unique pieces spread around the city, from modern architectural structures to classic sculptures.

The city is family-friendly so you can plan diverse activities with your children. Your little ones will love spending time at the Tennessee Aquarium, which was built to mimic the flow of water from small streams to the ocean. Suppose your children love sea life, make sure to take them to the top of the towering building to see fish swimming in natural habitats.

Chattanooga has the most fun and eccentric museums in the area. Besides the places destined for children, you can also visit some quirky venues, like the Classic Arcade Pinball Museum, National Medal of Honor Heritage Center, Coker Museum, International Towing Museum, and many others.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Looking for a cultural place to visit during your next trip? Colorado is by far one of the most photogenic places in the USA with the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop. Colorado Springs is simply breathtaking with its western heritage, wildlife and spectacular landscape. It also has a strong reputation for appealing to tourists looking for cultural opportunities because it has numerous museums and cultural venues. If you start your journey from Boston, book Logan airport parking to ensure your car is parked safely.

Colorado Springs also has much to offer to art enthusiasts, and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is one of the places you should definitely add to your to-see places. Considering that it’s the state’s second-largest city, you’ll also explore a booming metropolis with countless tourist attractions.

Encinitas, California

Surf lover? Look no further than Encinitas because here you’ll find the most laid-back beach community that will make you feel relaxed and at peace the moment you arrive. It’s one of the American cities with stunning scenery, a chill vibe, and friendly community. Moonlight Beach is one of surfers’ favorite spots because it’s not as crowded as the others. Other great beaches where to surf are Swami’s Beach, Grandview Beach, and Beacon’s Beach.

If you’re interested in botanical gardens or enjoy spending time among flowers, make sure to visit the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas. Its history is quite interesting because it was designed from scratch by the Larabees, who purchased 22 acres of land to plant species from South America and Mexico. Then it was donated to the County of San Diego, which opened it to the public. In the past, it was known under the name of Quail Botanic Gardens, but it was renamed later.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia

Forbes picked another Georgia destination as a great place to visit in 2023. Located deep in southeast Georgia, the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is rich in history and wildlife and will most likely offer you the experience of your life.

The place is massive, covering around 700 square miles, with dark in color water, due to the decaying vegetation. And as expected, it’s a fun destination because you can engage in several activities. You can take boat tours to explore parts of the swap you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, take hikes to visit the Owls Roost Tower from where you can have a view of the entire Okefenokee National Wildlife Swap, or explore the place by canoe or kayak.

Domestic destinations are always a great choice when you don’t want to fly overseas.

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