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The Shoes Of The Future

The Shoes Of The Future

It’s hard to say what the future holds in the world of fashion because it is constantly changing, developing, and evolving. When it comes to shoes in the future, we predict that there will be some unique and unusual futuristic styles, but also that certain timeless classics will never go out of style. If you’re keen on keeping up with the latest trends or want to get new footwear that will stand the test of time, thanks to the Clarks discount code available here, you can save money when shopping online for shoes.

Smart shoes

Innovations in technology are going to make their way into our shoes in the not too distant future, with some models already starting to emerge. The so-called smart shoe could have many interesting features such as the ability to monitor and track our fitness levels, temperature regulation, and even automatic lacing. We predict that these shoes will be popular among people who enjoy a fast-paced athletic lifestyle. Just think about the convenience of tracking your steps and counting calories while walking or running without the need for an additional device.


Sustainable and ethical materials and production are already making their way into the shoe industry, and this is likely to continue and possibly replace previous options. Many customers are keen to make ethical choices when it comes to a range of purchases including shoes and manufacturers are also ready to commit to sustainability in their production to protect our planet for future generations. There are many different options when it comes to creating eco-friendly footwear and packaging, from using recycled and renewable materials like ocean plastic to natural sources such as organic cotton, vegan leather, and carbon-free rubber.

Trusty classics

Although there are many new and exciting developments on the horizon, you still can’t go wrong with an elegantly classic style. Old favourites like smart suede men’s shoes with a minimal heel are a good example of this. They are very comfortable and stylish and also extremely adaptable, so you can wear them for almost any occasion. Similar styles are also available for women, often with a slightly higher heel and can be leather or suede, in a variety of different colours. The fact that they’ve been around for a long time shows that they are a trusted and reliable choice of footwear and we’re confident that they will never go out of fashion.

3D shoes

There have been some rumours for some time that 3D footwear could become a reality. These shoes would be custom made to fit your feet perfectly based on the results of a 3D scanning procedure of each foot. This development would mean that you could say goodbye to uncomfortable, poorly fitting shoes and embrace the comfort of a shoe that moulds to the individual shape of your feet. We’re not sure if or when this will happen but it’s definitely a possibility. They would be ideal for anyone who has trouble finding a shoe that fits well or perhaps has an unusual difference in size or shape between the two feet.

We’ve talked about the future of shoes but there is also a very interesting history behind this essential everyday item. You may be surprised to discover that some of the current trending shoes are not so far away from their 300-year-old ancestors. For example, platform shoes were originally worn by Greek actors to represent status. If you want to learn more, you can check out the Fashion Museum Bath to discover the Shoephoria exhibition, where you can explore the history and evolution of shoes and also find many shoes worn by celebrities, fashion designers and even royalty.

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