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The Role of Branding in Establishing Trust and Credibility in Online Gambling

Online Gambling

In the world of online casinos, the competition between rival operators is so fierce that margins can become quite thin, with sites fighting for the loyalty of existing customers, and attempting to entice new ones.

Because of this, many companies find that a strong brand image and a well thought-out marketing campaign helps them to stand out from the crowd, whilst also reassuring players that they’ve found the best site for them. 

Different casino sites take different approaches to branding and marketing, but all know their importance when it comes to encouraging loyalty by cultivating an image of reliability and authenticity. 

Furthermore, high customer satisfaction can actually attract more customers, as word of mouth, whether online or in-person, can be extremely powerful when harnessed effectively.

Brand Image, Credibility & Loyalty

Having a great brand image isn’t just about logo design, or offering up shiny promos to dazzle potential newcomers. It’s also about building up perceived integrity, to encourage trust and reliability, and, most importantly to gambling site operators, loyalty.

There are a number of qualities for which a casino site may wish to be known. Some position themselves as being a home-grown British brand to draw in the more patriotic players, whereas others are themed on particular Intellectual properties, and some try to emulate the experience of attending a bricks-and-mortar casino, tapping into their customers’ nostalgia.

Players want to feel that they are protected by the casino, especially where banking is involved. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of the operators to meet these needs and to satisfy both customers and regulators, for instance by generating good reviews and operating with transparency.

Other techniques employed by gambling brands to define and refine their image include reload bonuses, thriving chat rooms, great customer support around the clock, a strong social media presence, and frequent seasonal events to tie in with promotions.

The Importance of Community

The credibility of some online gambling brands is built on their community. By giving a potential newcomer to the site the sensation that they are joining a community of like-minded players, through the use of chat rooms and effective marketing materials, a more wholesome and sociable image can be projected.

In the case of bingo, a strong sense of community is relatively easy to achieve, with in-game chats being the norm. There are also often a number of mini games which take place within the chats between rounds, and an entire set of terminology which gives those who speak the language a sense of belonging. 

In some games, such as slots and baccarat, players are more isolated by their nature. In the case of these, player communications often take place on social media or on forums outside of the casino’s control, which is something many have sought to remedy by introducing their own on-site chat rooms.

Clearly, the powers that be are well aware of the impact that a good community can have on player loyalty, and in turn how this reflects on their brand image.

Establishing a New Brand

Entering an arena as competitive and established as the UK gambling industry can be daunting for new operators, who will need a strong strategy in order to stand out.

Luckily for these newcomers, exploring new casinos can be an attractive prospect for seasoned gamblers, particularly if there are exclusive games and promotions on offer. 

Other strategies these brands use to make the player experience feel unique include offering no wagering bonuses, innovative website layouts and using bold marketing campaigns to drum up new business.

Whilst it may take time and persistence for new brands to form an identity, and to generate customer loyalty, it’s perfectly possible for them to make their mark and carve out their place in the industry. 

Rules and Regulations

The gambling industry, in the case of both online and physical bricks-and-mortar casinos, relies heavily on customer loyalty, but there’s a fine line between what constitutes encouraging loyalty, and what may in fact constitute the exploitation of problem gambling. 

The Gambling Commission aims to define this line clearly, and to protect vulnerable players. Those casinos which rate highly with both players and governing bodies often tend to focus on promoting safer gambling, providing resources to vulnerable gamblers, and take compliance seriously. 

In order to be perceived as more wholesome than their rivals, some casinos frequently cite how closely they adhere to the Gambling Commission’s rules and regulations regarding transparency and fairness.

Acting on feedback, providing excellent customer support, and offering bonuses with fair and transparent terms are also key to getting in the good books of the regulators.

What the Future Holds

In the modern world, it’s truer than ever that technology drives innovation, and marketing is often quick to make use of new technologies.

Emerging ideas such as blockchain technology and AI can be used to improve the security and safety of the online gambling experience, which in turn has implications for how casinos are perceived.

The UK gambling industry is continually reassessing regulations, and it is likely that discussions of AI will feature in future overhauls as a way to identify, monitor and assess the safety of certain gambling trends. 

The government’s latest white paper on gambling, published earlier this year, includes recommendations for stricter regulations regarding gambling promotions and marketing, which could make it more difficult for brands to build a unique image and set themselves apart from the competition, putting further strain on what is already a fiercely competitive industry.

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