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The Most Interesting Facts about the NBA


Over many years, the National Basketball Association has grown quite well-liked by many people. As a result, basketball has emerged as one of the most popular sports in the US. Although basketball is gaining popularity, American football remains the nation’s favorite.

NBA Fans, players, and intending players are always eager to see the outcome of the nba picks, just like the NBA drafts, which is a spectacular event that takes place every June. It is when eligible players who have never played in the NBA are carefully selected.

While NBA fans constantly seek information on their preferred NBA athletes or teams, here are some cool NBA facts you may not have known.

Three-Point Shooting was Developed in the ABA

Not always in the NBA was the three-point shot, which is a fan favorite. To boost scoring and make games more thrilling, the American Basketball Association invented it. The ABA had a reputation for more showy play.

The NBA didn’t adopt this new regulation until the 1979–1980 campaign.

Before 1978, teams averaged 79 points per game. However, scoring went up by approximately 20 points after 3-pointers were adopted.

There Was Only One Three-Pointer that Shaquille O’Neal ever Made

One of the all-time great NBA players, Shaq won four championships and was a 15-time All-Star. He had total control over the game except for one. During his career, Shaq has attempted 22 three-point shots, but he only made one of them successful.

On February 16, 1996, Shaq made one of the worst bank jumpers in NBA history after Magic inbounded the ball with two seconds left on the clock.

The NBA Records Kobe Bryant as the Player with the Most Missed Shots

NBA legend Kobe Bryant, a member of the LA Lakers, has missed the most shots in league history. Bryant missed a total of 14,481 shots in his career. Nevertheless, Kobe Bryant finished his career with a respectable field goal percentage of 44.7% despite missing many attempts.

In 2016, Kobe Bryant called it a career after winning five titles, two NBA Finals MVP awards, and one Maurice Podoloff award.

In Honor of Boston Celtics Player Larry Bird, Twitter has a Bird as its Logo

Even though Twitter was founded in 2006, many people are unaware that the bird in its emblem has a name. Larry Bird was a basketball legend, former NBA player, and Hall of Famer who played for the Boston Celtics, and his name served as the inspiration for the Twitter logo.

The Longest Game in the History of the NBA Lasted 78 minutes

The longest basketball game ever was contested between the American clubs Rochester Royals and Indianapolis Olympians. On January 6, 1951, the match took place in Rochester, New York’s Edgerton Park Arena. The players used six extra to play the game. In a low-scoring contest, the Olympians prevailed, winning by 75–73 points.

The Shortest NBA Player Ever is Only 5’3″ Tall

Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player to ever compete in the NBA at 5’3″. One wouldn’t assume he was a first-round choice considering he averaged just 8.3 points and 6.6 assists over his four years at Wake Forest.

He would have a 14-year career, carving out his own as a reliable passer and defensive menace. He only consistently averaged 10 or more points three times in terms of scoring. Nevertheless, because of his height, he was somewhat of a folk hero and continues to have a large following.

“Muggsy Bogues” was known for his relentless defense. He is the NBA’s all-time shortest player. Imagine a player who is 5′ 3″ in height making it to the NBA.

Muggsy endured criticism for his height at every step of his life, but he never gave up. He joined the NBA and operated smoothly. He blocked 39 shots by taller players while he was an NBA player. He was a unique player.

Everyone enjoys a fun fact to share. Facts are lovely for conversation starters at gatherings. The NBA is the height of basketball excitement and one of the world’s most thrilling sports leagues. All basketball fans should know about NBA sports facts.

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