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Driving Delight: The Morgan Midsummer’s Eccentric Elegance Unveiled

Morgan Midsummer
  • The Morgan Midsummer, a collaboration between Morgan and Pininfarina, blends British heritage with Italian design, featuring a barchetta style and a teak frame inspired by postwar speedboats.
  • This project showcases Morgan’s design flexibility and innovative production methods, highlighting their commitment to both classic and experimental automotive aesthetics.

The Morgan Midsummer is an exquisite seasonal delight. Created through collaboration between this venerable British sports car manufacturer and legendary Italian design house Pininfarina, its barchetta design showcases both material and form while celebrating driving pleasure.

Morgan‘s project unites several recurring threads. To begin with, his manufacturer now falls under Italian conglomerate Investindustrial; pairing this company up with Pininfarina made sense as an ideal complement.

Additionally, expanding Morgan design provides another perspective on its timeless form. The UK-based company stands firm on their dedication to an iconic sports car shape which had almost disappeared from our roads 50 years earlier, yet are also committed to outlandish Plus Four CX-T off road racer and minimalist Super 3 models made alongside each other at their factory where ancient tooling coexists alongside cutting edge methods of production.

Meet the Morgan Midsummer: an extravagant display of eccentric elegance

This fabric wraps itself around a teak frame that provides visual structure within the cabin, in stark contrast with regular Morgans wherein all wood components are hidden within body and trim layers; unlike that of regular Morgans which feature hidden wood parts like body trim layers; instead the Midsummer showcases 400 individual teak layers to form an enclosure which recalls both postwar Italian speedboats or Carlo Mollino furniture pieces in its form and function.

“Barchetta,” meaning ‘little boat,” has long been used to refer to postwar open sports cars like Morgan Midsumr’s open bodywork; with large disc wheels filling out its wheelarches. Additionally, small race-style windshields add another level of sensory feedback when driving this Morgan– making sure this vehicle remains enjoyable regardless of weather.

No one would want their beautiful interior exposed to raindrops; its meticulous details include teak, leather and an analogue dashboard with new analogue dials – timeless materials all!

Italians seem to take great delight in indulgent their open Anglophilia through this project. Giuseppe Bonollo, SVP Sales & Marketing of Pininfarina described Morgan Midsummer as being an outcome of seamless synergy among both brands’ teams resulting from shared passion for both products. A blend of British heritage with timeless Pininfarina design.

Pininfarina Fuoriserie’, or out of series, badge has also been bestowed for this production car to celebrate ‘eccentric elegance. This non-automotive term not only describes when to drive this beauty best, but it’s a nod to Midsummer Hill in Malverns; spiritual landscape of Morgan; as well as pagan celebration.

Jonathan Well, Morgan’s Chief Design Officer, believes this project has demonstrated the flexibility of Morgan’s design language; showing how its brand may adapt over time as well as showing that limited editions don’t just belong to global supercar manufacturers.

Midsummer marks an important step forward for Morgan’s product design history, according to Wells. Our product lineup boasts an intriguing variety; from elegant Plus Fours and Sixes to adventurous Super 3 and CX-Ts; as we pursue more visual experimentation across our model line-up it has been rewarding working alongside Pininfarina on Midsummer’s exterior design.’

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