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The Importance Of Using Quality Brands For Your Business

Quality Brands

Products and services procured from recognised brands can help drive growth and profitability. But that quality comes with a higher price tag, so it helps to understand what integrating quality branded products into your business can deliver. In this article, let’s explore the importance of using quality brands to help drive growth and profitability. Then let’s look at how you can identify great brands from the thousands of competing brands on the market.

Why should businesses care about quality?

Using good quality products and services can enhance your brand, help to drive growth and improve profitability. Several factors are at play here, so let’s explore each individually:

  • Higher credibility

Quality brands are recognised across individual industries. Integrating them into your product or service helps to enhance your credibility and lets potential customers know that you value quality as much as they do.

  • Greater customer satisfaction

Products from quality brands are more reliable and backed by cast iron warranties, so incorporating them into your product or service ensures that you deliver greater customer satisfaction across the board.

  • Reduced waste

Quality products last longer than cheaper alternatives. This helps to reduce waste, which is a key differentiator in many industries. Quality brands also typically use many sustainable business practices in the workplace such as integrating more recycled material into their products, making them more environmentally friendly.

  • Improve staff morale

Employees also prefer using quality products. By providing them with brand-name tools and equipment you are letting employees know that you value their contribution. This will motivate employees to keep standards high, reducing errors and improving productivity.

How to spot good brands?

Now you know why it’s important that you integrate quality brands into your business offerings. How can you differentiate the good brands from the bad ones?

  • Established brand histories

One of the best ways of identifying a quality brand is to look at how long they have been trading. While this is not a foolproof method, a company that has been trading for a long time is a good indication that it makes quality products or delivers a quality service.

  • Good customer feedback

Great companies have good feedback. So check social media and industry-specific forms to gather feedback on potential suppliers. Don’t be put off by a single bad review, but be wary of consistent bad reviews, especially from industry sources. For businesses, customer feedback also helps brands to improve their customer service and identify necessary changes that need to be made in the company.

  • Brand recognition

Speciality brands that serve specific industries often have a reputation across the industry. Think Tuffa Tanks in the industrial storage space or Schneider for electrical equipment. They are renowned by peers across the world for delivering quality products.

Examples of good brands

Here, let’s look at a few examples of good brands across various industries. Let’s explore what makes them good brands and how you can use these brands as an example to find good brands in your industry.


Apple products are renowned for their innovation, exquisite design, uncompromising use of materials and exceptional user experience. As a result, they are one of the world’s most desirable brands in the technology industry and their products have a strong following across the world.

Microsoft products are well-known across several verticals including gaming, mobile, cloud, and desktop. The brand keeps its position at the head of a fiercely competitive industry by continuing to invest in new up-and-coming technologies.

Samsung is another strong technology brand that made its name in consumer products. They have a strong focus on innovation with their product often being the first to introduce new technologies such as folding LCD screens and AI-powered interfaces.

Electrical engineering

Schneider Electric products are synonymous with quality and reliability in the electrical industry. They put reliability and safety first, something that is critical to electrical workers. As a result, many companies insist Schneider products are used for new installations.

Siemens is active across several industries including; healthcare, utilities, transport and electrical engineering. Despite having such a broad reach, Siemens’s focus on quality and innovation means they are recognised as a brand leader in many of those sectors.

Industrial Storage

Tuffa Tanks are renowned for their bulk liquid storage and dispensing equipment. They have more than 30 years of experience supplying storage tanks for a diverse range of industries. Their tanks are built to last and can be designed to meet industry-specific needs.

Harlequin Plastics is another brand recognised around the world for its innovative range of chemical storage tanks. They manufacture tanks for heating oil, lubricants, fuel and water. Their tanks are lightweight, allowing them to be easily transported and installed on sites with difficult access. Harlequin Plastics are just one of the best and most well-known storage tank brands used in a variety of industries and applications worldwide.

As you can see there are several benefits to integrating quality brands into your product or service. Doing so lets potential customers know you are focused on quality, not price. You will also benefit from having more reliable products and fewer warranty claims. So when choosing suppliers for your business, it makes sense to choose a product or service from a recognised quality brand. Because ultimately the gains you’ll achieve will more than offset any increase in price you have to pay.

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