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The Future of Driving: Toyota’s 2024 Corolla Tech Advancements

  • Toyota announces details of the 2024 Corolla Hatchback, Touring Sports and Sedan
  • Introduction of new Smart Digital Key, compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones
  • Focus on driver and passenger well-being with nanoe-X™ air purification technology in a Toyota model in Europe
  • Vibrant and sophisticated new colour options

Toyota has focused on new, advanced technologies in its programme of upgrades for the 2024 Corolla range, adding further convenience and sophistication to its highly successful range of mid-size Hatchback, Touring Sports and Sedan models.

The new line-up offers the convenience of a smartphone-based digital key and introduces the nanoe-X™ air quality system, combating viruses, bacteria, allergens and bad odours inside the vehicle. New colour options are also available, including an on-trend Super Green metallic.

These new features add to the increased appeal delivered by the Corolla’s adoption of fifth generation Toyota hybrid electric technology, giving higher performance and extended all-electric EV driving capability while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Easy access with a Smart Digital Key

Corolla owners can enjoy the convenience of a new Smart Digital Key. This allows the car to be accessed and driven via a smartphone as an alternative to a physical key fob.

The Smart Digital Key is compatible with Apple and Android phones and allows up to five individual profiles to be stored for each vehicle. An authorised user only has to have their phone on their person to unlock the door and start the car– there is no need to call up an app to gain access.

The technology makes it easier to share access between family members, or to authorise third parties to use the vehicle, such as service technicians or rescue/recovery crews. The system will also be useful for multiple driver operations, such as car sharing platforms.

One year’s subscription is included in the Corolla’s on-the-road price; the digital key is standard from Mid+ grade and available as an option for Mid grade models.

Air quality protection with nanoe-X™

The new Corolla’s air conditioning system does more to promote the well-being of everyone on board with the introduction of nanoe-X™ air purification technology.

Developed by Panasonic and featured for the first time in a Toyota model in Europe, this feeds trillions of nano-sized, atomised water particles into the ventilation airflow. These hydroxyl radicals have been proven in independent laboratory testing* to have wide-ranging beneficial effects when used in enclosed spaces. Inside vehicles such as the new Corolla, these can include: –

  • Inhibiting the activity of airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Helping prevent the spread of mould
  • Inhibiting pollen and other allergens, such as those linked to pets
  • Breaking down hazardous substances found in particulates (PM2.5)
  • Eliminating common, unpleasant odours

Using nanoe-X™ also maintains a good moisture level in the cabin atmosphere, which has a positive effect on human skin and hair.

These benefits can be enjoyed every time the air conditioning system is used but are particularly valuable when driving in urban areas where atmosphere pollution is highest, or when the car is regularly used by different drivers and passengers. The system is provided as standard on the new Corolla, from Mid+ grade.

*Testing programme details available at

New colour options

In tune with the latest trends, Toyota is adding a new Super Green metallic to the exterior paintwork options for the Corolla Hatchback and Touring Sports. This highly saturated colour is available exclusively with a bi-tone finish, combining with contrasting gloss black roof and pillars for a refined yet sporty look. For the Sedan, a new Precious Silver projects a more premium appearance.

The Corolla GR SPORT models adopt new Liquid Black finish for exterior details on the higher equipped versions, creating a sophisticated, dark satin chrome effect for the door mirrors, sill inserts and lower front spoiler trim.

Source: Toyota

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