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Stunning Ways to Recognize a Unique Jewelry Design by Barkev’s

Stunning Ways to Recognize a Unique Jewelry Design by Barkev's

The Barkev’s Jewelry brand is often associated with impressive engagement ring designs and gorgeous wedding bands. They are also the go-to choice for couples who want to defy traditions and look for bold and unique creations for their big day.

But what are the defining traits of an original Barkev’s piece?

If you’re curious about your favorite jewelry brand, stay tuned until the end. We’ll have a look at their history, and then we’ll talk about the most famous collections in their portfolio. 

Who/What is Barkev’s?

Barkev’s is an LA jewelry designer with a long history in the industry (over 40 years). The company is a testament to high quality and craftsmanship, as its team of specialists oversees each design from inception to creation. This is possible because the manufacturing factory is also based in LA. 

The company is known for its remarkable array of jewelry, which includes everything from engagement rings to necklaces and earrings. However, what really sets them apart is their extensive assortment of engagement ring designs. These aren’t just regular designs but real head-turners that are likely to draw every eye in the room.

Barkev’s designers like to make waves with their use of unique perspectives and playful colors. The best example that comes to mind is their use of black diamonds to create gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands that fit couples looking for something elegant, bold, and unique.

Add to this other exclusive color stones and eye-catching shapes (marquise, oval, pear, princess, round, and so on), and it’s easy to see why so many people want to wear these pieces. 

This is a designer who doesn’t follow trends – they make them! Barkev’s consistently updates its collections with new inspirations, ensuring they stay ahead of industry shifts. Furthermore, Barkev’s is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the industry by featuring both mined and lab-created diamonds.

As sparkly and dazzling as mined diamonds but far less harmfully sourced, lab-grown diamonds are also more affordable and easier to customize. 

The History Behind the Brand

Since opening its doors back in 1981, Barkev’s Jewelry has been crafting mesmerizing diamond pieces, etching a reputable mark on the pages of jewelry design. 

Their characteristic vibrancy and expressive flair are evident in each of their extraordinary ring designs, which have stood the test of time.

Fast forward to 2019, Barkev’s embraced the digital era, pivoting to an exclusive online platform while maintaining its extensive network of jewelers both online and offline. This transition shows the brand’s adaptability and commitment to reach a wider audience without hindering the high-quality service they’re revered for.

All of Barkev’s designs are 100% authentic. Plus, each diamond entering Barkev’s domain is diligently inspected and graded by leading diamond laboratories, ensuring every piece you receive comes with an authentic certificate.

How to Recognize a Barkev’s Design?

At the core of Barkev’s Jewelry stands a desire to impress and create ingenious elements that showcase the unique personality traits of the wearer. So, if an engagement ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings stands out due to its eye-catching design and colors, you may be looking at a Barkev’s piece.

Of course, ingenuity must be paired with sheer elegance and superior craftsmanship. More importantly, these pieces manage to blend high-quality elements without the astronomical cost usually associated with such luxury.

You’ll also recognize the timeless appeal in every Barkev’s design you get to admire up close. This appeal is particularly present within engagement rings and wedding bands, for which the brand is well-known.

So next time you spot a stunning blend of superior craftsmanship, mesmerizing gemstones, and enduring design you’ve likely found yourself gazing upon none other than a splendid Barkev’s piece!

Barkev’s Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Traditional engagement rings feature a solitary clear round diamond, often set on a gold or platinum band. The main idea is to highlight the simplicity and grace of the diamond and capture the essence of less is more.

But what if you’re the kind of person who wants some color and pizzazz on their finger? 

After all, the engagement ring should be with you for a lifetime (hopefully). So you should be able to choose a design that suits your personality.

This is where Barkev’s collection of unique engagement rings with blue diamonds comes into play. This collection features a wide range of designs that intertwine the beauty of blue diamonds with the simplicity and elegance of the traditional engagement ring. 

Genuine blue diamonds symbolize inspiration, endless possibilities, and spiritual depth, making them a perfect choice for nuptials. Plus, you have the possibility to customize each design by selecting the type of diamond (lab-grown or mined) and the metal type.

So, if you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s not too bold but still stands out, Barkev’s blue diamond ring collection is a great option.

Barkev’s Black Diamond Rings

If you’re looking for something mysterious and elegant, you can’t go wrong with a black diamond – or a ring full of black diamonds. 

Barkev’s black diamond rings collection includes designs for engagement rings and wedding bands. This way, you can revel in your love for black. Plus, by choosing a black diamond ring, you’re signifying an unyielding bond that can weather life’s storms.

Black diamonds are strikingly different from their traditional counterparts, so if you like to defy the rules, it’s the perfect way to do it. You may get a few snide remarks from your aunt Tilda, but otherwise, people will appreciate the beauty resting on your finger.

Natural black diamonds are rare, and not many people choose to wear black lab-grown ones. So, whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a unique design. Add to this the ingenuity of Barkev’s artisans, and you’ve got a real conversation starter!

Barkev’s Pink Sapphire

If you’re used to Barkev’s bold colors (blue, black, green, red), you may be surprised to learn they also have a pink sapphire collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. These are quite romantic and subdued, considering other collections, but they’re still Barkev’s, so don’t worry – they’re still eye-catching.

The pink sapphire collection is a combination of ingenuity in design and the traditional meaning behind this color and stone. Pink sapphires have been associated with expressions of love, compassion, and forgiveness, so they are perfect for expressing love and commitment in a thoughtful relationship.

Additionally, pink sapphires are rare gemstones, so you’ll still have curious people asking about the gorgeous and intricate design on your finger.

Wrap Up

Barkev’s signature lies not just in its designs but also in its inspiring fusion of tradition, innovation, and daring boldness. Each handcrafted piece from Barkev’s carries an undeniable charm – an exquisite testament to individuality intertwined with superior craftsmanship. 

Now that you know its defining traits, you will be able to recognize an authentic Barkev’s creation with just a glimpse.

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