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Somersby on a mission: Be open-minded, and turn good times into memorable moments

untitled 8A new survey by Somersby shows that almost half of the Danish youth wishes that people would be more open-minded in social situations. Now Somersby sets out on a mission to encourage people to be more open-minded in their social lives.

The mission is called Project Openminded, and kicks off with a series of inspiring ‘webisodes’ showing how to overcome challenges such as awkward silences and empty dance floors.

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to have fun and chill out with good friends. A new survey initiated by the cider brand Somersby maps the social behaviours of young Danes: for instance how good they are at mingling, and how often they hit the dance floor at parties.

And according to the survey, good times mean dancing: 2 out of 3 think that dancing gets the party started, and 6 out of 10 dance themselves. These are just some of the findings from the survey conducted by the internationally renowned market research institute, Epinion, among Danes aged 18-35.

“Somersby is all about sharing memorable moments with good friends, also the ones you have just met. That’s why we have looked into how open-minded young Danes are in different social situations. For instance their dance habits, how good they are at mingling, and how often they invite people they don’t know to parties,” says Anne Brøndsted Nielsen, International Marketing Manager for Somersby at Carlsberg Group.

Women are dancers – men are wallflowers

One of the key findings of the survey is that women love to hit the dance floor, while men prefer to stay in the bar. 78 per cent of the women dance at parties, whereas this only applies to 41 per cent of the men. When asked why they don’t like to dance, 4 out of 5 simply say that they can’t dance. And every eighth man thinks that dancing is not masculine.

“The survey shows that men lack confidence when it comes to cutting loose on the dance floor. They simply think too much instead of just letting go. In general, women are more open-minded and don’t hold back. Men, on the contrary, feel threatened on their masculinity, if they don’t know more than a few basic moves,” explains professional Danish dancer and choreographer, Toniah P., who has worked with international artists like Mary J. Blige, Will Smith and Timbaland.

Window cleaner inspires men to be more open-minded

With Project Openminded, Somersby sets out to change the situation, tells Anne Brøndsted Nielsen:

“We want to encourage people to be more open-minded in their social lives, for example at pre-parties or on chill out occasions. To help them, we have produced a series of small ‘webisodes’, showing for instance how dancing can be much more – and much easier – than you think, if you’re just a little more open-minded. It’s all about what you’re bringing to the party.”

About the Danish survey

The survey is conducted by Epinion for Somersby during April 2013.

The analysis is based on 999 web-interviews with 18 to 35 year old Danes collected via Epinion’s “Denmark Panel”. The survey has been sent out to match the Danish population of 18 to 35 year-olds when it comes to education, age, region and gender. The sampled data has then been weighted accordingly to get a perfect match with the distributions in the general population of 18 to 35 year-olds.

The analysis shows that:

• 33% agree or completely agree that young Danes are more reserved than young people from other countries.

• 48% agree or completely agree that they wish people were more open at parties.

• 7% think that dancing helps to make a party good.

• 59% dance when they are at a party. This goes for 78% of the women and 41% of the men.

• 61% like to dance. 82% of the women like to dance. This is only the case for 40% of the men.

• 29% of the women prefer to be on the dance floor when they are at a party. This is only the case for 6% of the men.

• 46% of the men prefer to stay in the bar when they are at a party. This is only the case for 25% of the women.

untitled 5

I wish that people would be more open at parties. Survey results (above).

The men that don’t like to dance say:untitled 6

• 83% that they can’t dance

• 43% that they are too shy

• 22% that it isn’t cool to dance

• 12% that it isn’t masculine to dance



About Somersby Cideruntitled 7

• A premium apple cider made of fermented apples
• Apple juice and natural taste-aromas for the perfect taste
• Sugar for the just-right sweetness
• Carbonates for the refreshing crisp and pearly taste experience
• Best enjoyed over ice on a sunny afternoon
• Contains 4.5 % alcohol

• Available in 33 cl glass bottle, cans and on draught

• Somersby is also available as pear cider and in various fruity flavours.

For further information contact:

Anne Brøndsted Nielsen International Marketing Manager – Somersby
+45 3327 1243












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