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Snapchat and IAS Collaborate for Enhanced Brand Safety

Brand Safety
  • Snapchat has launched a third-party brand safety and measurement tool in collaboration with Integral Ad Science (I.A.S.) to ensure Snap advertisers’ ads comply with G.A.R.M. Safety Floor guidelines and are not displayed alongside inappropriate content.
  • Initial testing by I.A.S. indicates that 99% of Snap’s Spotlight and Creator content is brand safe, providing advertisers with greater confidence, although the figure is based on a limited sample and similar high statistics are reported by other platforms.

Snapchat is launching a brand new third-party brand safety and measurement tool, made in collaboration and Integral Ad Science (I.A.S. ) that will provide Snap advertisers greater peace in knowing which ads they are visible in the application.

Snapchat initially announced its collaboration with I.A.S. earlier in March. This allows brands to guarantee the safety of their ads, while to be in compliance with G.A.R.M. Safety Floor guidelines.

The G.A.R.M. Safety Floor Framework includes a set of items that have been agreed upon and should not be displayed in advertisements against.

Now, Snap advertisers will be assured that their ads aren’t displayed alongside this content. This will give you more confidence and security.

As per Snap:

“This partnership is our first-to-market approach to providing Snap advertisers with third-party verification of Snap’s brand safety foundation. We’re encouraged by the early results from our testing; In fact, I.A.S. found that 99% of our Spotlight and Creator content was brand safe across all beta advertisers relative to the G.A.R.M. floor.”

Do you think 99% is a good number? This seems to be quite high.

This is because third party verification companies, such as I.A.S. and DoubleVerify do not have much ability to search for advertisements during this test which is mainly based upon the example provided.

In essence, the statistic of 99% may not be a whole lot of many things, but I.A.S. offers confirmation of the placement on specific campaigns. This could be more a reflection of the actual results.

In all honesty, I’m not certain why they continue to use the 99% statistic as every app reports exactly the same thing, with X, Reddit, and nearly every other application having the same results.

They must also feel that it’s a way to add something.

Whatever way you choose, you are left with another verification possibility to take into consideration.

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