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Ship4wd Receives the Award for the Best Freight Forwarder for Small and Mid-sized Businesses in the U.S. and Canada at the 11th Annual Global Brand Awards

Ship4wd Receives the Award for the Best Freight Forwarder for Small and Mid-sized Businesses in the U.S. and Canada at the 11th Annual Global Brand Awards

Ship4wd recognized as for the Best Freight Forwarding Company for SMBs in the United States and Canada, establishing its industry-leading innovation that is leveling the global supply chain playing field for SMBs

Ship4wd, a prominent global digital platform for freight forwarding solutions, has been recognized with the distinguished title of the Best Freight Forwarding Company for Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) in both the United States and Canada by the 11th Annual Global Brand Awards. Held by the Global Brands Magazine (GBM), the awards recognize Ship4wd’s unwavering dedication to introducing unprecedented innovations to the international supply chain, effectively addressing the prominent challenges faced by SMBs throughout the entirety of this process.

Ship4wd’s recognition stems from its comprehensive digital platform, which presents an innovative model for how SMBs can efficiently oversee their import and export activities. Within a few clicks, SMBs gain access to a wide array of detailed and transparent quotes, allowing for easy comparison and booking of shipments. The platform offers the flexibility to secure shipment arrangements for both door-to-door and port-to-port delivery, alongside the convenience of monitoring shipment statuses through a user-friendly dashboard. Backed by a team of experts offering 24/7 customer support, Ship4wd empowers SMBs to engage in import and export endeavors with confidence. Moreover, Ship4wd’s robust visibility features grant SMBs the assurance to concentrate on their core business operations while their shipments are in transit.

Ship4wd extends a comprehensive online financial solution designed to alleviate the cash flow constraints that often impede the growth of small enterprises. This holistic solution encompasses the provision of credit lines (subject to meeting eligibility criteria), affording businesses the opportunity to pay up to 90 days from the cargo delivery date. The platform also offers a secure online payment alternative, facilitating transactions through credit card payments or online bank transfers. Ship4wd’s all-encompassing approach is meticulously crafted to serve as a centralized hub for SMBs engaged in import and export activities, streamlining the management and oversight of all facets of their shipments with heightened efficiency.

With this prestigious recognition, Ship4wd, a member of the ZIM Group (NYSE: ZIM), joins notable winners in this year’s logistics cohort, including Maersk, DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Kuehne + Nagel, further establishing Ship4wd’s presence and leadership in the logistics and supply chain industry.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Global Brand Awards for the work we are doing to empower SMBs and support business owners in unlocking their potential by removing obstacles in managing global logistics and financing while having access to 24/7 human support,” said Carmit Glik, CEO of Ship4wd. “We believe that SMBs are the building blocks of all economies, and we are fully committed to reducing these barriers and helping pave the growth path for these businesses.”

An advocate for SMBs, Ship4wd is positively impacting business owners by providing the guidance, preferential positioning, high-touch services to a sector that has been historically deprioritized by many logistics companies in favor or larger multinational corporations.Often underserved and underbanked by financial institutions and facing significant challenges in understanding the nuances buried in the fine print of quotes, SMBs have fallen between the cracks in global shipping, diminishing their competitiveness and even preventing some from participating in global trade. Logistics might not be the core of SMBs, but it is core to the success of their business. The impact of delays and unexpected lack of stock can negatively affect them to the point of taking them off business, while overstocking impacts their operational budget through warehousing fees. The right stock at the right place, time, and volume gives SMBs competitive advantages very much needed for dealing with today’s fierce competition, especially when working with eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and leading retailers such as Walmart.

The unique needs of SMBs fuel Ship4wd’s commitment to constant innovation that provides a trustworthy and effortless digital freight forwarding experience. By actively listening to SMBs and their experiences and needs, Ship4wd built its one-stop-shop platform. Ship4wd’s customers, small and medium-sized business owners at various growth stages and levels of logistics understanding and experience, have benefitted immensely from the range and type of service that they had never encountered before.

“Honestly, I was perplexed. I know nothing of freight forwarding. I had put all my money into my new business and I just needed to make it happen,” said Mark Gerwig, a designer, US army veteran, and founder of Mark2Toys from Denver, Colorado. “I needed someone to hold my hand through it, and that’s what Ship4wd did. Because of them, I can now focus on growing my business, knowing they’ve got my back when it comes to international freight forwarding.”

Kat Chrysostom, an entrepreneur, author, and founder of Benefab, tells that before she started working with Ship4wd earlier this year, she has been “tossed around from rep to rep to rep” by previous shipping companies, having experienced significant delays, often waiting up to two weeks just to receive a quote. “It was honestly nothing less than frustrating at best… By the time it was actually on the boat and sailing, we were weeks into it,” she said, adding that “what Ship4wd brings to the industry is refreshing, and I think it’s very needed. I love that you’re giving a turnkey digital platform for small businesses.”

Ship4wd’s dedication to serving SMBs as a comprehensive and reliable shipping partner exemplifies its mission to empower these businesses and contribute to their success in today’s competitive landscape.Established in 2021 to create a new way forward for the sector, Ship4wd has disrupted the industry by providing SMBs with the service and guidance they have never received but depend on for success. The digital freight forwarder is committed to the highest industry standards, registered by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), and reported zero cargo loss in 2022.

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