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Scania Launches First Super Road Train in Brazil

Scania in Brazil has launched the Super Road Train R 620 6×4, equipped with V8 engines. The truck and trailer combination features no less than 11 axles for a load capacity of up to 91 tonnes.

It meets the needs of the Brazilian agricultural industry for sugar cane and grain transports. One of Brazil’s largest sugar cane producers, Usina São Martinho, has already purchased 12 truck and trailer units.

The Super Road Train can be operated from fields where the cane is loaded via dirt roads onto motorways all the way to the processing plants. New Brazilian legislation permits transport of up to 100 km for vehicle combinations with a total combined gross weight under 91 tonnes, a maximum height of 4,40 m and a length of 28–30 metres.

V8 engine would be ideal for this new application

Responding to industry demands, Scania came to the conclusion the V8 engine would be ideal for this new application. The 16-litre V8 engine develops 3,000 Nm of torque ranging from 1,000 to 1,400 rpm and gives Scania the highest power and torque rating among competitors in Brazil.

The Super Road Train has been adapted for optimal performance, including an off-road engine air filtration system installed in the rear of the cab. Another adaption is that the brake system has been complemented with a third compressed air supply for simultaneous braking throughout the combination of the truck, semi-trailer and trailer when the parking brake is engaged.

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