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Scania Enables Completely Electrified 64-Tonne Chilled Foods Transport for Dagab

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Axfood’s support company Dagab expands their daily foods transports with electric vehicles. Currently, Dagab uses both all electric heavy truck and hybrid in Stockholm. As an addition to these, a 64-tonne electric truck for goods transport will be used in the Gothenburg region.

Scania and Dagab have a close partnership that goes back several years, with the aim to develop a fleet that can be run fossil free. Dagab was a pioneer in Sweden in 2021, to use a heavy electric Scania truck in their operations. Now this partnership is extended, when a 64-tonne electric truck for food transports – the first of its kind – is taken into operation in Gothenburg. The new electric truck shows how Scania delivers smart technology for chilled and frozen electrified food transports.

Charging infrastructure is a vital component for heavy transports, and also within this area, Scania and Dagab have a strong partnership. Their new truck will be charged with green electricity. By planning and fast charging, the aim for this truck is to operate more than the company’s other vehicles during at least two shifts daily, and deliver with great quality, availability and efficiency. This means a significant decrease in climate- and environmental impact, on a route 300-450 km per day. With a third shift, the impact on climate will be even less.

“The transition to electrification is complex. The technology and the electric vehicles are there, but it will take larger and faster measures to develop smart city solutions in charging infrastructure for real. At Scania, we push to enable more companies to do what Dagab is doing,” says Fredrik Allard, Head of E-mobility, Scania.`

Heavy electric transports and transports of chilled foods are a challenge when it comes to technology, since it takes compatible interfaces between power outlets for temperature control and a smart integration to minimise the energy consumption for both truck and trailer. The vehicle therefore has stronger components than the electric vehicles Scania now has in series production to be able to handle the demanding operations.

“To have fossil free foods transports is necessary to lower climate impact from our vehicles. When we now use an electric truck this size, we make a real difference and decrease our emissions. This is yet another step towards completely fossil free transports and zero-emission operations by 2030 at the latest,” says Helena Blom, Transport Manager, Dagab.

The electric truck will start to run after summer 2022.

“We hope to show it at the truck fair at Elmia by the end of August,” says Krister Kjellström, Vehicle Manager, Dagab.

Source: Scania

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