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Save Cold-Hard Cash: 6 Secrets to Saving Money on Refrigerators + Other Large Appliances

Saving Money on Refrigerators

Did you know that your large appliances can smell fear? Maybe that’s far-fetched, but in all seriousness, your costly appliances probably have a knack for breaking down at the worst possible time.

It’s always the worst when it is your refrigerator that goes out. Not only do you have to find a spot to preserve your food, but you have to scramble to find something new before your next grocery run. If you’re tired of large appliances giving your wallet the run-around, here are six secrets to help you save money on refrigerators and other big-ticket items.

Hold out for sales

Once your fridge goes the way of the dodo bird, it may not be feasible to wait around for a Black Friday refrigerator sale. However, if you know that the end is near for your refrigerator or large appliance, holding out for a holiday sale can slash your coming bill by tens if not hundreds of dollars.

If you’ve got the nose of a bloodhound when it comes to discounts, sales, and coupons, then waiting to replace your appliance can see your wallet sitting prettily.

Less is more

Even though the big, fancy machines on display in the appliance stores can be tempting, be sure to weigh your needs and wants before taking out your credit card. At the end of the day, you need a place to keep your food chilled and frozen. Other features are just icing on the cake.

This mentality doesn’t just apply to refrigerators but all large appliances. Having what you need at a reasonable price is a higher priority than having accessories you may not use for a heftier price tag. Be frugal with your appliances by cutting out the fluff.

Try to negotiate

While we typically walk into a store and expect that the price on the price tag is what we will pay, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can sometimes negotiate a reduced price or complimentary delivery and set-up at times, especially if you’re lucky enough to buy a display model.

Even if you don’t think it is possible, it never hurts to ask for a discount or free services. The worst that can happen is the retailer says no.

Consider returns or floor models

When you are looking through an appliance store, you often see discounted models out on the floor. Many consumers assume that these models are defective somehow, but that’s typically not the case.

At times these models are returned for scratches that occur during transport. Although these scratches and dings are sometimes quite noticeable, just as often, they are not. Returns also occur when people do not measure correctly and order an appliance too large or small for their space.

Because of cosmetic imperfections or other customer’s mistakes, you can get a perfect appliance for a lower price.

Research future needs

Some appliance brands are more expensive to repair than others. This tendency is especially prevalent when you are buying appliances with smart technology included. If your smart machine goes dumb, you may be out hundreds in repair fees.

For this reason, it is best to research the brands and models to get an idea of what maintenance and repair costs you may face in the future.

Read the reviews

The best way to get an accurate insight into the quality of an appliance and whether it performs as described is to read independent third-party reviews. After all, you want your expensive appliance purchase to last a long time. Spending a ton of money for something that doesn’t work as expected is highly frustrating and can lead to additional expenses.

When you are searching for the best refrigerator or appliance for your home, be sure to read through independent reviews to get a clear picture of what issues you may run into with any of your prospective choices.

Before you go

Don’t blindly walk into your local appliance store and pick the prettiest appliance that you come across. To save money, it is best to walk into the store informed and ready to make a logical and sound decision. These tips will help you to prepare yourself before walking through the endless aisles of stainless steel at your local department store.

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