“Saudi Arabia” has celebrated her guests on board the first flight in the departure hall of King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, in the presence of Vice President of Operations ground Rashid bin Mohammed Al-Ajmi and a number of directors of government agencies operating at the airport officials, and allocated “Saudi Arabia” a special platform and the team includes representatives from all operational sectors , it was cutting the ribbon to mark the start of operation, and said goodbye to international knights and the staff of the Saudi Airlines lounge guests roses bouquets and sweets wishing them a happy journey.

And landed the plane, a Boeing (B777-300 ER) International Airport Multan at (10:30) am local time for Pakistan, it was a rapturous reception began spraying water on the plane welcomed the first direct flight between the Kingdom and Multan, offering recipients a number of leaders at the airport and the civil Aviation Authority in Multan and the director of “Saudi Arabia” in Pakistan, and held a ceremony to welcome guests arriving on the flight and bid farewell to the departing pilgrims, most of them on the return trip, the first departing from the “Multan” to the Kingdom.

The new “Multan” destination launched in the framework of applied phases of the program of transformation that is being implemented in the enterprise and its units with the strategy arising from the allocation and initiatives to expand in the international operation in accordance with the marketing and operational studies and in the context of the optimal use of new aircraft joining successively to the fleet of “Saudi Arabia” within the program Fleet modernization and development of one of the major initiatives of the program of transformation.

And enjoy the operational plan on the international sector, follow-up and continuous development in order to increase the share of “Saudi Arabia” on this sector and provide suitable especially for guests of pilgrims choice as keen Saudi Arabian Airlines to provide the best services for pilgrims including operating direct flights scheduled and seasonal, and the expansion plan operation new international destinations is an extension of the great success of the launch of the four destinations in the past year 2016, which included the Maldives, Munich, Ankara and Algeria Islands, where the operational figures showed the achievement of these stations distinct rates.

It is worth mentioning that “Multan” is the international destination fifty-eighth for “Saudi Arabia”, which is run direct flights and regular, the fifth station in Pakistan after each of Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, and is operated flights with aircraft model (B777-300ER) Business Badrjtaha (30 ) seats and hospitality (383) seats.