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SAP Makes Support Experience Even Smarter with Machine Learning and AI Enhancements

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SAP SE  (NYSE: SAP) announced several updates, including the Schedule a Manager and Ask an Expert Peer services, to its Next-Generation Support approach focused on the customer support experience and enabling customer success.

Based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, SAP has further developed existing functionalities with new, automated capabilities such as the Incident Solution Matching service and automatic translation.

“When it comes to customer support, we’ve seen great success in flipping the customer engagement model by leveraging AI and machine learning technologies across our product support functionalities and solutions,” said Andreas Heckmann, head of Customer Solution Support and Innovation and executive vice president, SAP. “To simplify and enhance the customer experience through our award-winning support channels, we’re making huge steps towards our goal of meeting customer’s needs by anticipating what they may need before it even occurs.”

AI and machine learning technologies are key to improving and simplifying the customer support experience. They continue to play an important role in expanding Next-Generation Support to help SAP deliver maximum business outcomes for customers. SAP has expanded its offerings by adding new features to existing services, for example:

  • Incident Solution Matching service: With expanded AI-based functionalities, customers can see the impact on machine learning models and the impact on suggested results, making them more relevant. This enables customers to explore more relevant solutions for their incident in SAP’s knowledge base.
  • Incident Solution Matching, now also available for SAP Ariba solutions: The Incident Solution Matching service is available to customers of SAP Ariba solutions and partners in the “Help Center” for SAP Ariba solutions and “Connect” for SAP Ariba solutions. Through this extended service, SAP Ariba customers can find answers to technical questions faster, possibly solving a problem without having to record an incident.
  • Automatic translation: With neural machine translation and AI technology to process entire sentences and phrases, this automatic translation feature for the SAP Notes and the SAP Knowledge Base Article services has been expanded to include nine major-market languages. They are Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Italian, and German. Intelligent technologies from SAP use machine learning and feedback to refine translations of SAP software and service documentation and terminology on an on-going basis.

Customers expect their issues to be resolved quickly, and SAP strives toward a consistent line of communication across all support channels, including real-time options. SAP continues to improve, innovate and extend live support for technical issues by connecting directly with customers to provide a personal customer experience. Building on top of live support services, such as Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert, SAP has made significant strides in upgrading its real-time support channels. For example, it now offers the Schedule a Manager service and a peer-to-peer collaboration channel through the Ask an Expert Peer service.

  • Schedule a Manager: Following a successful pilot phase in 2019, SAP launched Schedule a Manager, available through the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. This new support channel allows customers to speak at no extra cost directly to the relevant product support manager to assist them with high-priority incidents that risk impeding the company’s ability to fulfill its business requirements. With the addition of Schedule a Manager, SAP has created a holistic approach to connect with customers through real-time channels.
  • Ask an Expert Peer: After a successful pilot phase last year, Ask an Expert Peer has been made available for all customers of SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Ask an Expert Peer is a peer-to-peer collaboration platform that connects qualified SAP customer experts with other customers to help them resolve their issues.

By continuing to invest in AI and machine learning–based technologies, SAP enables more efficient support processes for customers while providing the foundation for predictive support functionalities and superior customer support experiences.

Customers can learn more about the Next-Generation Support approach through the Product Support Accreditation program, available to SAP customers and partners at no additional cost. Customers can be empowered to get the best out of SAP’s product support tools and the Next-Generation Support approach.

Source: SAP

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