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Samsung’s New App Feature Motivates Galaxy Users to Advance the Global Goals

Global Goals

Encourage your friends and family to work together to advance the Global Goals, and track your progress through the new Donation Leaderboard feature of the Samsung Global Goals app

Small actions can lead to a large impact. As citizens of the planet, we all have a responsibility to take care of people and the Earth, our home.

This is why in 2019, Samsung Electronics partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to launch the Samsung Global Goals (SGG) app. The SGG app allows the Galaxy community to donate directly to the Global Goals, use lock screens to increase ad-earnings, and generate funding by watching advertisements in the app. The SGG app helps users learn more about the Global Goals and contribute funding to the Goals that mean the most to them.

Through a newly released app feature, the Donation Leaderboard, Samsung is opening new opportunities for the Galaxy community to get engaged with the Global Goals. By creating a ranking system for donations, the Donation Leaderboard is energizing users to donate to the Goals, track donation progress; and encourage friends, family and other Galaxy users to do the same.

Accessed through the Donate section of the Samsung Global Goals app,1 the Donation Leaderboard shows users how much they have donated to specific Global Goals, as well as how their donation ranks in comparison to users in their country or users globally.2 By providing greater visibility into donation history, Samsung hopes this motivates Galaxy users to improve their ranking on the Donation Leaderboard, all for the benefit of progressing the Global Goals.

Global Goals

The Samsung Global Goals app has been a powerful way for the Galaxy community to work together in support of the Global Goals. Just a few months ago, a new donation milestone was reached, with USD10 million having been raised so far through the app and donated to help UNDP promote resilience and accelerate progress for the Goals. Samsung hopes the Donation Leaderboard will help continue this momentum by offering a new, fun, interactive way for the Galaxy community to contribute to the Goals that mean the most to them. To date, Galaxy users have directed the most donations toward Goal 2: Zero Hunger, followed by Goal 1: No Poverty, and Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.Global Goals

The Global Goals, established in 2015, are a collection of 17 goals that world leaders agreed to achieve by 2030. These goals have the power to stop climate change, fight inequality, end poverty, among other pressing global challenges. To achieve the Global Goals, we need to accelerate our individual and collective effort.


Global Goals

Samsung is committed to using the power of technology to provide opportunities for the Galaxy community to take action in support of the Global Goals. Together, we have the power to create meaningful change. Visit the Samsung Global Goals app to advance the Goals that matter most to you.

1 Requires app version or newer.

2 Users will first need to consent to showing their personal information on the leaderboards. Preferences can be changed at any time by switching “Show Profile on leaderboards on/off” in the settings section of the app.

Source: Samsung

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