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RoboMarkets Adds 5 New Features to R Trader

RoboMarkets, a EU-based financial company offering advanced online trading solutions, announces new additions to the multimarket R Trader platform features.

The new features include the following:

  1. Strategy Builder Improvements

Indicators with equal parameters, such as fractals, can now be compared on different bars. The feature is available in the Strategy Editor.

  1. Depth of Market (DoM)

Level 2 market depth enables tracking even the smallest price changes, which allows the traders to better understand current market conditions. This tool is also good for planning entries and exits in long term strategies.

  1. Trailing Stop

Now you can add a trailing stop to your position in R Trader, i.e. a stop order that will be following the price. With a trailing stop, you can minimize your losses without limiting profits. To place such an order, you only need to specify the number of pips from the current price. If the price moves your way, the trailing stop will follow it and will get hit only once the price gets back number of pips specified. Trailing stop works on the server side and won’t stop working in case the client gets shut down.

  1. Time&Sales

This tool is available for stocks and cryptocurrencies and shows the price, direction, volume and time of the transactions run on the specified instrument. This enables understanding how many buyers and sellers there are approximately in the market, and how big their overall position amounts are.

  1. Managing Watchlists with Keyboard

You can now add an unlimited number of instruments to Watchlists to quickly monitor multiple assets at the same time.


Kiryl Kirychenka, R Trader Project Manager, says: ‘We always listen to our clients’ feedback and make every effort to offer them the best conditions so that they may trade more effectively. Since its inception around 2 years ago, R Trader has become a breakthrough in online trading, offering multiple features and functions. Ever since, it has been improved on, and even more features have been added. R Trader is one of the best platform in the market thanks to a large selection of instruments, fast order execution, cloud support, and a native trading robot builder.

About R Trader

R Trader is brought to you by RoboMarkets and UMSTEL, a fintech company working on a cloud-based multi-market trading platform. R Trader enables access to over 11,000 instruments across 8 asset classes. This platform is user friendly and guarantees maximum transaction transparency, while also being in line with the leading desktop trading terminals. For more information on R Trader, please go to

About RoboMarkets

RoboMarkets is an investment company with the CySEC license No. 191/13. RoboMarkets offers investment services in many European countries by providing traders, who work on financial market, with access to its proprietary trading platforms. More detailed information about the Company’s products and activities can be found on the official website at

Media contacts:

Timofey Zuev, PR Manager at RoboMarkets

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