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REHAU Group wins a global award at the 9th Global Brands Magazine Awards

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REHAU Group, a German industrial giant, has won the “Leading Polymer Manufacturing and Applications Brand, Global” title for 2021. The felicitation ceremony will take place at the Palm Jumeirah – Waldorf Astoria in early 2022.

The Global Brand Awards is an annual event held by Global Brands Magazine (GBM); an international publication headquartered in the UK. With the award, we aim to recognize global brands who have achieved excellence in performance across a range of sectors while keeping our readers up-to-date on trends and developments within the world of branding. REHAU Group was evaluated based on its customer service, satisfaction, digital innovation, strategic relationships, and new business development.

Commenting on REHAU Group winning the awards, ShivKumar (CEO) of Global Brands Magazine said, “REHAU Group continues their century-old family business success story in the year 2021, with credit due to the Wagner brothers. Planet First, a new initiative to combat C02 emissions demonstrates REHAU Group’s persistent dedication to safeguarding the future of the planet, an example we wish many other manufacturers would follow.”

Veit Wagner, President of the REHAU Group, comments on winning the award as follows: “The award in the category “Manufacturing Awards” is a great honour for our group of companies. I am proud that the incredible commitment of the REHAU experts, which is the cornerstone of this success, has been recognised by Global Brands Magazine and honoured with the award. For us, the title is not only a confirmation of our achievements to date but also serves as an incentive for innovative ideas and projects with which we will continue to create exceptional solutions for customers all over the world in the future!”


It is more than 100 years ago that the origins of today’s REHAU Group were laid with the beginnings of the Fränkische Lederfabrik in 1907. The actual REHAU company was founded in 1948 by Helmut Wagner, with a visionary spirit and entrepreneurial courage in the difficult post-war years. Since then, the REHAU Group has developed independently into an influential, global group with more than 20,000 employees who passionately work to create innovative solutions for the Automotive, Construction, Furniture, Industrials, Materials, Medical and Ventures sectors.

As a 100% family-owned company, we think in spans of generations and not short-term profits. Strong roots give the REHAU Group stability – even in challenging times.

We are proud that our engineering performance is improving lives around the globe today.


We like to do things differently at the REHAU Group. We’re driven by a desire to grow our business responsibly while protecting our planet, from saving lives with intelligent vehicle bumpers to conserving aircraft fuel with lightweight components.

Planet First

The REHAU Group has been recycling materials for over thirty years, long before others recognised the need to protect our planet for the next generation. We design products to be long-lasting and energy-efficient. We call it Planet First, and it’s a guiding principle for all that we do.

REHAU Innovations

In a fast-changing world that is being reshaped by technology, clever thinking also accelerates progress. Continuous innovation is part of the REHAU Group DNA, and the pursuit drives us to optimise solutions for our customers around the globe.


To protect and enhance life on Earth, we seek to understand and support the significant developments that shape society, the economy, and our way of life. At the REHAU Group, we take inspiration from three influential MegaTrends we view as central for the future – Personalized, Connected, Circular.

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