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PUMA Expands Its Metaverse Web Destination, Black Station, With Immersive Digital Retail Experience


PUMA reimagines omnichannel shopping experience through metaverse platform

Sports company PUMA has launched Black Station 2, a metaverse platform that bridges the digital and physical worlds, allowing users to purchase phygital footwear. Black Station 2 is an expansion to its initial Black Station debut last September as part of New York Fashion Week. Black Station originally launched as a dynamic and interactive destination where users could view and purchase exclusive digital collectables that could then be redeemed for physical PUMA sneakers. Black Station 2 is an expanded immersive experience that features two distinct and explorable “worlds”, each revealing new innovative footwear designs.

The PUMA community will have access to not only explore these worlds but gain access to never[1]seen-before phygital footwear. The first world, Unkai, is inspired by the Japanese city, Shibuya, whose bright colors and energetic elements translate directly onto the footwear. Unter, the second world, is inspired by Berlin’s club culture with design elements that reflect the underground club scene.

This first footwear release within Black Station 2 will be the Fast-RB. With unique configuration of PUMA’s pinnacle running technologies, Fast-RB features four optimally placed NITRO pods and three PWRPLATES, delivering a unique bouncy running sensation unlike anything else on the market. Other notable Fast-RB features include:

  • INITRO – An innovative Nitrogen-infused foam technology offering superior responsiveness in an extremely lightweight package
  • PWRPLATE – Engineered to stabilize NITRO midsoles while maximizing energy transfer for powerful propulsion.

Throughout Black Station 2, PUMA Pass NFT holders – previously called Nitro Collection – will have the option to purchase a Materializer NFT (“to-be-produced” physical) and/or Digital Collectible NFT. A maximum of 4,000 of each NFT will be available to purchase throughout the week.

As part of its 75th anniversary celebration, PUMA is highlighting its growing web3 footprint to be an always on retail shopping experience. This growing metaverse-based platform will continue to complement the company’s global ecommerce and brick and mortar shopping formats. As another means of onboarding general sneaker enthusiasts to PUMA’s web3 spaces, PUMA is opening purchase options in Black Station 2 to include usage of a credit card in addition to the current cryptocurrency payment capabilities.

MoonPay provided the Web3 infrastructure to enable the project, leveraging multiple MoonPay products including HyperMint to power the NFT smart contract & minting and NFT Checkout to facilitate NFT purchases in USD.

“We’re thrilled to invite our community into these new worlds that provide an unparalleled shopping experience,” said Ivan Dashkov, Head of Web3 at PUMA. “PUMA aims to meet our community where it shops while also exploring new and exciting opportunities within cryptocurrency and the metaverse.”

Since Black Station’s launch in 2022, PUMA has since expanded its NFT offerings and portfolio, including the recent launch of its Super PUMA PFP NFT in early 2023. Ahead of the launch of Black Station 2, PUMA updated its Nitro Collection NFT to PUMA Pass. Holders of the PUMA Pass will get first access to new, high-end PUMA products.

Users can explore Black Station 2 by visiting and purchase one of PUMA’s limited-edition NFTs. The PUMA Pass can be purchased on the secondary market on

Source: PUMA

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