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Proper Way of Feeding Raw Dog Food to Your Pet

Proper Way of Feeding Raw Dog Food to Your Pet

When feeding our pets, we often overlook the proper ways of doing so. More focus is put on the quality of the food however, equally important is to know the amount and timing for feeding your pets. In the cases of dogs and puppies, the method of feeding is more important than any other thing as it plays an important role in their overall growth patterns. In this article, we are going to discuss the proper ways of feeding raw dog food in particular, to your dog. 

There are many ways of ensuring that your dog is getting the right amount of nutrition at a specific time. You can measure their food content or consult a pet nutritionist for detailed guidance however, for general perceptions, it is essential to know the basic details regarding your dog’s way of eating and their likeness/ dislike, along with what is needed for them to survive healthily.

When it comes to raw food, the dog diet becomes a balanced blend of all types of nutritious content. For instance, protein is essential for their muscles while calcium is needed for bone growth and strength. Raw food diet for dogs is all about how much raw food you give them in a day, accompanied by snacks and some kibble to maintain a balanced nutritional content in the dog’s body.

Here are some of the right ways to ensure a healthy diet through raw dog food feeding ways:

Begin with small portions

When trying to bring your dog to a raw food diet, make sure you don’t force feed them through larger portions. Since raw meat and bones take more time to digest and are heavier in nutritional content, the dog’s stomach might require more time to digest them. Thus, make sure you feed them with smaller portions of raw food before jumping on to the larger portions.

It is recommended to stick to a single protein diet in the beginning to make their bodies familiar with the ingredients. Gradually, you can add two or more protein sources like chicken, beef, fish, etc. once the dog’s stomach starts accepting these.

Don’t be boring, mix it up

Dogs are fond of a mix and blend of many things for every meal. They enjoy kibble, snacks, fruits, as well as raw meat just the same. Thus, make sure the raw dog food is balanced with vegetables, fruits, and some dry-processed snacks for an enjoyable diet for your pet.

Know about the right raw food combinations

It won’t be a good idea to place a huge portion of vegetables and a small portion of meat in front of your dog. Raw food must be balanced with a certain amount of other things rather than huge portions of raw food only.

Make sure to observe your dog’s reaction and stomach health after each meal of raw food. Sometimes, raw food can cause fatal allergic attacks in dogs.

Dogs are fun animals but the secret behind their high energy levels is the right amount of food. In this regard, raw dog food remains the best source of providing a natural amount of energy and nutrition to your canine. This is because of the high amount of nutrition present in raw food as compared to processed or cooked food. Hence, raw food for dogs is far healthier than cooked one however, the trick is to maintain a good balance between both types of diet.

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