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Powering Digital Advertising with AI-Driven Content Engine

Digital Advertising

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  • WPP and NVIDIA partner to develop an advanced content engine integrating NVIDIA Omniverse™ and AI.
  • Esteemed industry leaders Adobe and Getty Images contribute their tools and generative AI models to enhance the engine’s capabilities.
  • WPP’s designers leverage the engine’s power to seamlessly create brand-accurate visuals and publish interactive 3D product configurators, revolutionizing content creation and branding.
Digital Advertising

Picture courtesy: WPP

Redefining the advertising industry

NVIDIA and WPP have joined forces to embark on an exciting endeavour: the development of a cutting-edge content engine. This innovative system seamlessly integrates the remarkable capabilities of NVIDIA Omniverse™ with the power of artificial intelligence, empowering creative teams to revolutionize their production process. By leveraging this state-of-the-art engine, professionals can now generate exceptional commercial content with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and scalability. Importantly, this remarkable collaboration ensures that every creative endeavour remains in perfect alignment with the client’s brand.

The newly introduced engine serves as a dynamic hub, connecting a vast ecosystem of indispensable 3D design, manufacturing, and creative supply chain tools. Esteemed industry giants such as Adobe and Getty Images have integrated their powerful offerings into this remarkable engine. As a result, WPP’s highly talented artists and designers can seamlessly merge their expertise in 3D content creation with the immense potential of generative AI. This ground-breaking integration empowers WPP’s clients to connect with their target audience in truly remarkable and personalized ways. Moreover, this revolutionary approach meticulously upholds the quality, accuracy, and fidelity of their brand identity, products, and logos.

During his keynote address at COMPUTEX, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang captivated the audience by unveiling an extraordinary engine. This ground-breaking technology showcased how clients can collaborate with the exceptional teams at WPP, the world’s largest marketing services organization. Together, they can revolutionize the creation of brand advertising content, such as captivating images or compelling videos, as well as elevate the user experience through immersive 3D product configurators.

Huang emphasized the significance of AI across various industries, including the remarkable $700 billion digital advertising industry. He highlighted the fierce competition among businesses to harness the immense benefits that AI has to offer. With the introduction of Omniverse Cloud and its powerful generative AI tools, WPP has empowered brands to transcend limitations. They now possess the remarkable capability to construct and deploy product experiences and captivating content, achieving levels of realism and scalability never before imaginable. This ground-breaking collaboration has truly reshaped the possibilities of creative expression and captivating brand communication.

“Generative AI is changing the world of marketing at incredible speed,” said Mark Read, CEO of WPP. “Our partnership with NVIDIA gives WPP a unique competitive advantage through an AI solution that is available to clients nowhere else in the market today. This new technology will transform the way that brands create content for commercial use, and cements WPP’s position as the industry leader in the creative application of AI for the world’s top brands.”

An engine for creativity

The foundation of the new content engine lies in Omniverse Cloud, a robust platform that serves as a bridge between various 3D tools, enabling the development and operation of industrial digitalization applications. This innovative platform empowers WPP to seamlessly establish connections within its supply chain, effortlessly integrating product-design data from renowned software like Adobe’s Substance 3D tools and computer-aided design tools. As a result, WPP can create precise and visually stunning digital replicas of client products, boasting remarkable accuracy and realism.

WPP leverages responsibly trained generative AI tools and collaborates with esteemed partners such as Adobe and Getty Images to empower its designers. By utilizing these cutting-edge resources, WPP’s designers can transform text prompts into a diverse array of high-fidelity images, seamlessly incorporating them into captivating scenes. Among the invaluable resources WPP benefits from is Adobe Firefly, a remarkable family of creative generative AI models. Additionally, WPP gains access to exclusive visual content from Getty Images, crafted using the exceptional capabilities of NVIDIA Picasso. This foundry specializes in creating custom generative AI models specifically tailored for visual design.

Once the creative teams finalize their scenes, they can employ the content engine to render an extensive collection of brand-accurate 2D images and videos. These assets serve as a powerful arsenal for traditional advertising campaigns, capturing the essence of brands in visually appealing formats. Furthermore, WPP can publish interactive 3D product configurators to the NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network, a global graphics streaming network. This network ensures that consumers can experience these engaging configurators on any web device, offering an immersive and interactive encounter with the products.

In addition to speed and efficiency, the new engine surpasses existing methods that demand creatives to manually generate an extensive volume of content by utilizing data from disconnected tools and systems. This not only saves significant time and effort but also ensures a more cohesive and streamlined content creation process for creators.

The collaboration with NVIDIA further strengthens WPP’s prominent position in emerging technologies and generative AI, elevating its status as a frontrunner in the industry. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional campaigns for esteemed clients worldwide, WPP continues to solidify its reputation as a trailblazer in leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Exclusive to WPP’s clientele worldwide, the forthcoming content engine promises to revolutionize content creation for the organization’s esteemed clients. By granting access to this powerful tool, WPP offers its clients a unique competitive advantage, enabling them to produce high-quality, tailored content at an unprecedented scale and speed.

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