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Philips Revolutionizes Cardiac Care with AI-Powered Ultrasound System

Ultrasound System
  • Philips is a pioneer in the field of health technology, has today unveiled its next-generation AI-powered cardio ultrasound system.
  • The new technology is designed to transform the analysis of cardiac ultrasound by using AI (AI) to increase the efficiency and precision of echocardiography laboratories.

The burden of Heart Disease

The heart failure epidemic is worldwide health issue that affects around 64 million people around the world. The condition can lead to higher mortality rates, lower quality of life as well as a huge strain on health system. Because it’s the most widely used method of evaluating the heart’s function, cardio-vascular ultrasound plays an important role in detecting heart problems. The new system is compatible with Philips existing EPIQ CVx as well as Affiniti CVx ultrasound machines. It is equipped with FDA-approved AI applications, the platform aims to drastically reduce the load on echocardiography laboratories and increase the efficiency of workflows in general.

Ahead of the onset detection of Heart Wall Abnormalities:

Philips‘ new Philips platform comes with first-of-its-kind AI algorithms co-created with Dr. Lang, that can identify regional wall motion anomalies (RWMAs) with precision. RWMAs are clear indicators of adverse cardiovascular events among people suffering from heart diseases such as myocardial infarction as well as congenital heart diseases. Automated AI evaluations of RWMAs can simplify the workflow of every clinician. The findings will be discussed in depth at the coming American Society of Echocardiography (ASE2024) gathering.

AI Integration to Improve accuracy and efficiency:

The platform incorporates well-tested AI software from Philips DiA Imaging Analysis, an Philips company. The AI tools are trained using anonymous clinical information from real patients in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of heart imaging. They also automatize imaging interpretation, allowing doctors with different levels of experience to interpret ultrasound images with more speed, efficiency and precision.

Better Patient Care and Support for Staff:

In addition to AI incorporation, Philips offers the X11 4-T mini ultrasound transducer which was launched earlier in the year. The transducer’s innovative design lets cardiologists provide better treatment to a wider variety of patients. This includes children patients who weigh as little as 5 kg.

“By harnessing the power of AI into our echocardiography solutions, we empower clinicians with enhanced diagnostic capabilities, to ultimately improve patient care and outcomes in the management of coronary and valvular disease, while enhancing overall efficiency in cardiac practice,” said David Handler, VP and Business Leader for Global Cardiovascular Ultrasound at Philips.

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