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Peruvian ‘Alien Mummies’ Debunked: Unearthed Specimens Reveal Earthly Origins

Peruvian 'Alien Mummies' Debunked: Unearthed Specimens Reveal Earthly Origins
An X-rays and study carried out by the Institute of Legal Medicine of Peru on the 'alien mummies' that concluded that they are dolls made with animal bones is displayed in Lima, Peru, January 12, 2024 [Image Credit: Reuters] |Peruvian 'Alien Mummies' Debunked: Earthly Origins Revealed


  • Recent scientific analysis debunks the idea of “alien mummies” found in Peru last October.
  • Experts in Lima reveal the mysterious specimens are humanoid dolls crafted from Earthly bones.
  • Archaeologist Flavio Estrada clarifies the dolls are made from animal bones and modern synthetic glue.
  • The figurines were discovered in a cardboard box at Lima airport offices of courier DHL.
  • Similar incident in September involving mummified bodies showcased at a Mexican congressional hearing.
  • Jaime Maussan claimed ancient origins, but most experts dismissed them as likely fraudulent.
  • Experts don’t explicitly link the Lima dolls to the Mexican bodies, emphasizing no extraterrestrial connection.
  • Peru’s culture ministry organizes a press conference to dispel speculation about an alien connection.
  • The revelation stresses the importance of thorough investigations and urges caution against sensationalism in archaeological finds.

A sensational discovery of “alien mummies” in Peru, which captured global attention last October, has been debunked by a recent scientific analysis. According to experts in Lima, the mysterious specimens that appeared at the airport were nothing more than humanoid dolls crafted from Earthly bones. The revelation was made public during a press conference held by Peru’s Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, putting an end to speculations about extraterrestrial connections.

Origins of the ‘Alien Mummies’

The two small figurines, resembling mummified bodies adorned in traditional Andean attire, were found in a cardboard box at the Lima airport offices of courier DHL. Initial reports had fueled speculation about possible alien origins, but the recent scientific analysis confirmed a more mundane explanation. Flavio Estrada, an archaeologist involved in the investigation, stated unequivocally that the figurines were “dolls made from animal bones from this planet joined together with modern synthetic glue.” The conclusion dismisses the extraterrestrial narrative surrounding the artifacts.

Link to Mexican Congressional Hearing

This revelation follows a similar episode last September when tiny mummified bodies with elongated heads and three-fingered hands were showcased at a Mexican congressional hearing. Journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan claimed the bodies were ancient, dating back around 1,000 years and recovered from Peru in 2017. However, most experts later dismissed them as likely fraudulent, potentially created by combining ancient human mummies with animal parts.

Clearing the Air

Experts in Lima did not explicitly link the dolls found in the DHL office to the bodies presented in Mexico. Moreover, they emphasized that the remains from the Mexican exhibit were also not of extraterrestrial origin. The press conference, organized by Peru’s culture ministry, aimed to dispel any lingering speculation regarding the purported alien connection and shed light on the true nature of the artifacts.

The Peruvian “alien mummies” that sparked intrigue and speculation have been revealed as intricately crafted humanoid dolls made from Earthly bones. The scientific analysis presented during the press conference debunks the notion of extraterrestrial origins and underscores the importance of thorough investigations in unravelling mysterious artifacts. This revelation adds another chapter to the ongoing discourse surrounding unusual archaeological finds, cautioning against sensationalism and prompting a more critical examination of such claims.

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