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PayRetailers: A Partnership To Support Successful Latin American Payments


PayRetailers is a payment processor for Latin America, winner of the GBM Awards 2021 in two categories: “Most Innovative Payment Processor – LATAM” and “Excellence in Merchant Payments Innovation LATAM”.

Before and after the COVID pandemic, Latin America was and still is a region with more than 600 million people adapting to a new and expanding digital payments system.

Despite the regulatory obstacles that markets have had to face, there is a constant increase in Fintechs in the region, creating easy and secure processes through payment processors such as PayRetailers. Especially this expert in Latin America offers security for companies seeking to operate in the Latin American market with a single integration, including functionality for and compliance with regulations and established laws.

PayRetailers is a global payment service provider that offers international businesses access to operate in Latin America across 12 different countries, with a full range of over 250 local payment methods through a single API integration that adapts to the requirements of each business, providing security for their buyers.

With a localized payment solution, PayRetailers now has become the go-to partner of international merchants for years. Thanks to the know-how, the company provides them with an efficient and customized solution for each country. From fast and secure pay-ins and -outs, to having control of the merchant activities, with analysis and development systems that help the evolution and improvement of the company and merchants alike.

A process with which merchants will be able to offer an intuitive, flexible and modern shopping experience, adapted to the local currency, optimizing approval rates and avoiding the need to hire a payment provider for each country.


By understanding each market and its payment preferences, PayRetailers is part of the fintech revolution in the region, managing to overcome the short-lived trends that the growth of digital payments brings in an ecosystem where cash still represents the largest payment volume in Latin America.

As a bridge between merchants and the Latin American market, the company is strategically located in each of the countries of the region with a wide network of products to simplify processes and guarantee businesses the most appropriate local payment methods for their consumers.

Cash payments, bank transfers, QR code payments, local cards, Bitcoin payments, and digital wallets, are some of the payment alternatives that are available within a single API integration to facilitate the increase in sales for the merchants that use this system.


During the last few years, the use of APIs to operate in Latin America has been essential. More than 49% of digital businesses have decided to integrate these, being part of the innovation that the global market demands. How does it work?

With an easy integration, PayRetailers offers a flexible and complete API, designed for a robust implementation into websites and mobile applications, saving money and time. There are options for integration suitable for the needs of every business: Paywall Integration, Dynamic Method Calling, as well as Direct and Mixed Integrations.

The API is designed to support SDK libraries in multiple languages and platforms such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and others. In addition, it provides extensive documentation that includes all available payment methods by country and plug-ins that will help integrate the platform, also with a sandbox environment to be able to validate the integration before going live. PayRetailers has a technical support team that provides the best service, available 24/7.

As the use of new digital systems increases and new risks appear, it is necessary to choose a secure platform, including a support team in charge of filtering and securing legal payments. Within these security parameters, PayRetailers works by offering legal oversight with an internal risk management team that monitors the transactions made so that payments are legitimate and fraud is reduced for each business model.

Regarding management, merchants have access to each of the customized reports that their business requires to measure or manage the movements and conversions in real time. All information is protected by a reliable system of payment security technologies including EMV, PCI validation, P2PE and tokenized data protection.

PayRetailers operates its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and a wide network of regional offices with teams in Malta and Madrid, as well as in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Working for industries such as: Financial Services, E-Commerce, Tourism and Airlines, SaaS and Digital Services, Video Games, E-Learning, and others.

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