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Orchestrating MarCom Excellence Through Cross-Functional Collaboration

Orchestrating MarCom Excellence Through Cross-Functional Collaboration

In the ever-evolving landscape of Marketing Communications (MarCom), where the delicate dance between brands and consumers defines success, the role of MarCom professionals is more challenging than ever. As the overseer of a global B2B brand, leading a MarCom team involves orchestrating a complex matrix of customer personas, marketing channels, and market geographies. Crafting a brand presence that resonates across borders in a volatile world necessitates a multifaceted approach, with cross-functional collaboration emerging as a linchpin strategy often underrated.

We talked to Vibha Thusu, Overseas MarCom Leader of a group of global electrical brands including Himel, the multiple award-winning manufacturer and supplier. In recent years Himel has gradually created a space of its own with authentic conversations on electrical safety, affordability of high-quality products and reliability of electrical applications that small and medium enterprises depend on every day. In 2023, Himel reached over 1.5 billion impressions and views in digital communications and media coverages—impressive for an electrical B2B brand with products inherently tough to talk about.

We asked Vibha what her favourite ammo is to run the show. Surprising to us, she revealed that collaborating with different functions has been the most successful strategy ever. Coordinating with the extended team whose goals and mandates overlap is the most powerful skill to achieve marketing communications success.

Below is a crisp essay based on our conversation, a distillate of unbiased advice that come from a seasoned expert in the domain.

Collaborating with Product Teams

The synergy between the MarCom team and product development is foundational. To authentically sell a product, one must intimately understand its intricacies and differentiators. This involves not only engaging with product marketers but also collaborating with engineers and quality analysts or whoever is involved. By conversing with these integral players, you can gain insights that go beyond the superficial, enabling strategic positioning and messaging that genuinely resonate with the target audience. This collaborative approach ensures that the marketing communications become the authentic voice that echo the uniqueness of the product, fostering a seamless integration of product knowledge into compelling marketing narratives.

In the intricate ballet of brand communication, the knowledge extracted from product teams becomes the backbone, shaping the narrative that goes beyond features and specifications to encapsulate the essence of the product.

Tapping into Business Development Insights

The Business Development (BD) team, often the unsung hero in the organizational orchestra, serves as the connective tissue that binds together various functions and departments. Engaging with the BD team unveils the pulse of real-world interactions—the questions that resonate among consumers, the nuanced factors that influence their decisions, and the trends shaping the market. For sound marketing communications, collaboration with the BD team is akin to unlocking a treasure trove of authentic talking points.

Transforming this wealth of knowledge into insightful, educational content becomes pivotal in the digital landscape. By understanding the real-world dynamics, marketing communications can craft narratives that not only capture attention but also resonate with the genuine concerns and aspirations of the target audience. In the symphony of marketing, the insights from business development become the melody that resonates with authenticity.

Empowering Communication through Customer Collaboration

Empowering Communication through Customer Collaboration

In an era where genuine storytelling prevails, giving customers a voice and building experiences that seamlessly resonate across channels become paramount. Proactively sensing and responding to customer needs becomes a strategic imperative, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty. By showcasing the real impact of audience attitudes and behaviors, marketing communication can transform customers into allies, ensuring that the brand story aligns with their experiences and aspirations.

Sharing Insights Across Teams

Insights are the currency of adaptability, and MarCom professionals often act as the frontline observers, gathering actionable insights from customer touchpoints such as social media, seminars, exhibitions, or trade shows. However, the true potential of these insights is unlocked when they become a shared currency within the organization.

MarCom teams should not be passive consumers of insights but active contributors, fostering a culture of shared learning. The insights gained from customer interactions should be a two-way street, flowing back into the organization to enrich product development and business strategies. This closed-loop system ensures that every facet of the organization remains attuned to the evolving landscape, fostering adaptability and responsiveness.

Winding Up

The adage “it is not communication unless there are two in the room” holds profound relevance. For MarCom professionals steering the ship of global brand influence, collaboration is not a mere strategy—it is the essence of stronger performance. Building and sustaining collaborative bridges across functions become the cornerstone of long-term success, ensuring that the symphony of diverse talents harmonizes to create an enduring global brand presence.

In a world where the only constant is change, where consumers seek authentic connections, the power of cross-functional collaboration is the compass guiding MarCom professionals toward the creation of impactful, resonant brand conversations that transcend borders and endure the test of time.

About Himel

Himel is an award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of Power Distribution and Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric products.

With a footprint in 50+ countries, Himel is a leader in value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Explore Himel at

About Vibha Thusu

Vibha Thusu is the Overseas MarCom Leader at Himel and a group of electrical brands spanning over 65 countries. In her role, she is responsible for building the Himel brand and creating customer demand around the globe overseeing Marketing Communications, Brand Management, Digital Offer Management and Marketing at all touch points.

A seasoned Marketing and Communications professional with a rich journey of 19 years and a multifaceted background in IT & Services, Learning & Education, FMCG, Engineering, Energy Management, Electrical and Industrial Automation—she is passionate about orchestrating seamless brand and customer experiences.

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