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Olymp Trade: Availability and Mobility as Trends of the Epoque

Modern world is changing fast. Common people are getting access to more and more goods and services. This can also be said about different kinds of economic activity.

Trading used to be an occupation for the upper class, but today, this opportunity of making money is available to everyone. And the Olymp Trade trading platform has contributed a lot to this progress.

Way to recognition

Olymp Trade has become one of the world’s most popular trading websites since its foundation in 2014. According to Similar Web, the online platform is listed among top 50 investment portals of the world and top 3 trading platforms of the planet. More than 15 000 000 traders have monthly visited the company’s website over the past six months.

Experts confirm the high quality of services provided by Olymp Trade. The company has won such awards as “The fastest growing broker” at ShowFx World 2016, “The best broker” at Forex Expo 2017, and “Innovative broker” at IAFT Awards 2017.

In 2019, the broker was given two prestigious forex awards by the Global Brand Magazine 2019–as Best Customer Service Broker и Best Mobile Trading Platform. They reflect the priority directions of the modern economic development, which Olymp Trade global market strategy is based on.

Global communication

The Olymp Trade strategy is aimed at making tools for trading wide open to users from all over the world. The financial conditions are as comfortable as possible. A common trader can start working after making a deposit of $10/€10/R$20, and the minimum trade amount is $1/€1/R$2.

The company is currently focused on the emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the CIS countries, which are actively developing. These regions have a huge potential, and there is a need for an effective user interaction mechanism.

The Olymp Trade reaches the audience from several continents, time zones, cultures, and language groups. That is why the company’s customer support service operates around the clock in such languages as English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Indonesian and many more.

The company specialists are always ready to help traders and business partners from around the world. The Olymp Trade support team provides exceptionally high professional service, which was confirmed by the Best Customer Service Broker award.

The working principles of Olymp Trade are based on strict compliance with local laws and religious requirements. For example, the lack of a swap payment for keeping a position overnight brings trading on Olymp Trade in line with Sharia Law.

Openness and training

It is not a secret that most of the world’s emerging markets have not established their trading traditions yet. The local audience is not really prepared for regular trading in the Forex market. For this reason, the Olymp Trade team is committed to creating an integrated system of audience interaction. It includes not only support service, but also a unique free educational program.

Traders can improve their financial literacy by accessing an extensive database of educational materials, attending regular webinars, reading expert analytics and using other tools. In fact, the Olymp Trade educational program contributes to the formation of a global community of professional traders.

A free demo account for 10,000 units is an important tool for novice traders. Trading on a demo account simulates trading on a real one. And of course, this account can be topped up free of charge as soon as a certain threshold is reached.

A significant part of the Olymp Trade team’s interaction with the target audience takes place on the social media. The company uses them to receive user feedback from all over the world and provide them with all the necessary information for successful trading.

Suffice it to say that the number of subscribers to the Olymp Trade group on Facebook has already exceeded 690 thousand people.


Modern technology has become an inseparable part of modern business. A real trader can make trades at any time and in any conditions, following the rapidly changing market situation. That is why the developers of the Olymp Trade mobile application have created not a support tool for trading Forex, but a full-fledged mobile version of the trading platform.

The application is being constantly developed and improved to meet the expectations of the platform users. It is available for iOS and Android devices. The work of the company’s developers was awarded as the Best Mobile Trading Platform by the organizers of the Global Brand Magazine 2019.

Here is a list of priorities for application development:

  • Improved data transfer technology enables to speed up the connection to financial markets.
  • Personal data protection improves the user security.
  • Automatic app update allows users to get the latest version of the application as soon as possible.
  • User interface optimization creates a comfortable trading environment.

The Olymp Trade mobile app is not just a tool for efficient trading. It lets one access educational materials, allows novice traders to improve their skills up as they go along. It can be used for both making a deposit and withdrawing the funds one has earned. And of course, the Olymp Trade mobile app is another channel for communication with customer support that allows one to get some advice or help from the hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Olymp Trade team continues to improve the work of the trading platform. It is providing new services and working on making the platform available for traders from around the world. Trading is a global business that unites the world. Olymp Trade opens it to everyone!

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