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NRF 2017: Intel Seamlessly Ties Retail To The Latest Technology

Online shopping generates a tremendous amount of data. Every time you browse, add to your cart or buy something, online retailers can capitalize on that information and use it to offer you a better online shopping experience. Is this the death knell for the more traditional in-store retailers? Probably not. Intel is poised to help change the way millions of people shop in brick-and-mortar outlets.

During his keynote at NRF 2017, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced the Intel® Responsive Retail Platform (Intel® RRP) and an investment of $100 million in technology aimed at retail business over the next five years. He laid out the future of retail, saying Intel is dedicated to dramatically improve retail. Intel’s technology and investment will enable retailers to unify every part of their operations, to create a positive impact on their bottom lines and to solve longstanding business challenges.

At its booth, Intel had 19 demonstrations that displayed many of the amazing experiences that the company’s technology enables to thousands of visitors.

Here’s a quick summary of Intel resources from the show and resulting media coverage of Intel’s announcements from NRF 2017.


Press Kit: Intel at 2017 NRF: A one-stop shop for all Intel content related to NRF: editorials; new releases; produced and B-roll videos; fact sheets; and contact information.

Product Fact Sheet: Intel® Responsive Retail Platform

Brian Krzanich Editorial: Technology Will Transform the Shopping Experience

Infographic: Your Amazing Retail Transformation Starts with Intel


“Intel wants to use sensors and robots to overhaul in-store shopping” (Mashable): A wave of new technology is set to reinvent the way people shop in stores, and Intel wants to be at the center of it. The chip giant announced the launch of a new platform for brick-and-mortar retailers this week that will tie together a set of software systems, sensors and other tech aimed at streamlining and improving store operations. The web of connected gadgets will let companies more closely track inventory, collect data on shopper habits and eventually personalize offerings much like their online counterparts already do. Intel plans to invest $100 million in the project over the next five years.

“Intel wants to change the way you shop in stores” (CNET): Intel plans to invest more than $100 million over the next five years in a new platform that uses data and connected tech to help retailers boost sales and cut costs, the chipmaker said Monday at the National Retail Federation’s trade show in New York. The platform, dubbed the Intel Responsive Retail Platform, brings together “retail hardware, software, APIs and sensors in a standardized way,” the company said in a release. It will help retailers do things like track inventory, schedule employees and created personalized experiences for customers.

“Shopping goes high tech and hassle-free with new Intel technology” (CIO): Poking into your shopping habits and recognizing your face may sound too invasive, but retailers are trying to make the shopping experience better. It starts with products like Intel’s Responsive Retail Platform, which can track store inventory and respond to customer needs in real time.

“Here’s How Intel Plans to Make Retail Stores Smarter” (Chip Chick): Contrary to popular belief, retail stores aren’t dead. While online shopping has cut into stores’ bottom lines over the decades, there’s still value in making the trip — whether you want to try clothes on for fit or learn more about an item before purchasing it, there are still some things that can’t be done as effectively from a computer … At the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York today, Intel announced grand plans to bring those rapid analytics to stores with their Responsive Retail Platform, along with plans to invest another $100 million in retail over the next five years.

“NRF’s Big Show 2017: Retailers Tap VR to Plan Better Store Layouts” : The use cases for virtual reality are plentiful in retail. Virtual reality can be leveraged to help retailers replan store aisles and shelves, providing in-app analytics to show what products sell best, where customers’ eyes track along shelves and what products will fit best in different locations. Intel showcased this and other real-time tracking tools for retail inventory and customer engagement.

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