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New technology solution fosters personal connections between sales assistants and customers

Contactlab launches Contactone, a technology solution which facilitates a personal and direct digital relationship between sales assistants and customers

London, 20.06.17: Luxury brands continue to rely on personalised and in-person service, putting big efforts in “humanizing” the online shopping process through sophisticated methods of online customer service and style advisory during the online customer journey. A study revealed, 69% of customers believe that the quality of the relationship with the sales associate plays a key role in the final choice of a product. Traditionally, sales assistants built these relationships in-person, and luxury brands face the challenge of nurturing this relationship.

Currently, sales people collect valuable information from in-store conversations with customers. Data from online shopping is another rich source of insight. However, to deliver a personalised service, these data need to be consolidated and utilised in a more holistic way. Brands must also be able to monitor in-store conversations through official channels and communication tools that nurture the relationship and keep trace of every on-site interaction.

Customer engagement specialists Contactlab have launched Contactone, the clienteling solution which enables in-store sales assistants to create a highly personalised digital relationship with customers before, during and after their visit to the shop. The app provides real-time access to enriched customer profiles (socio-demo information and behaviours related to multi-channel purchase history) to help in-store sale assistants create and send one to one communications across multiple digital channels such as email, SMS and instant messaging. At the same time, it allows the brand to track all the interaction and monitor the relationship through an official and highly customizable communication tool.

Contactone is one of the few clienteling system in the European market to allow sales assistants to communicate with customers via instant messaging. Particularly, it enables chats through WeChat, the most widespread IM and social networking app in China, and other communication channels via Messenger, Telegram and Line.


Massimo Fubini, CEO of Contactlab, comments: “The digital app gives sales assistants the ability to develop and nurture their relationship with each customer and integrate a customer’s expressed online preference with the in-store experience and vice-versa. By being more aligned to their shopping preferences sales assistants become a more personable face for the overall brand. Imagine, you have been waiting months for a pair of shoes but could not find them in your size. Having someone in a near-by store who knows your taste, will be able to get in touch with you either by phone, email or instant message to let you know they arrived in store for you to try and collect. It’s about staying one step ahead and gain an edge over competitors.”

Massimo Fubini, continues: “The quality of service should reflect the product, as it is an integral part of the luxury experience package. Creating a sophisticated strategy driven by customer insights creates a highly personalised, consistent, and integrated shopping experience for customers across all points of contact. The Contactone solution empowers sales assistants with the capabilities to unveil compelling customer insights, and offers a non-invasive way to optimise their relationships and drive conversion in an easier way.”


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