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New Rejuva Nutrition Energy Bars Launched

Vivienne Talsmat is a health and beauty guru living in London, with her clinic being one of the best-kept secrets in the world of celebrity wellbeing. She is an expert in rejuvenation and is also the creator of her unique powder formulations that supercharge smoothies. Vivienne is now launching a variety of Rejuva Nutrition Energy Bars.

There are four food products and four bar products which have two separate flavours – one being smooth and sweet tasting, whist the other being more fibrous and sour tasting.

Vivienne has developed a wide range of foods over the past seven years which aim to restore and rejuvenate the body and mind using organically-based nutrients sourced from the purest regions in the world. The purpose of The Rejuva Nutrition Energy Bars is to enrich life and meet your daily nutritional needs through an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contained in every bar.

There are eight deliciously different Rejuva Nutrition Energy Bars – Detox, Burn, Sport and Warrior – all of which are rich in dietary fibre and taste unlike any other bars.

Vivienne Talsmat explains, “Every single bar is a performance bar with a purpose. They are organically-made with clean and raw ingredients which are gluten free, suitable for vegans and contain no artificial ingredients.

“The design of the Energy Bars offer a unique blend of flavoursome ingredients to achieve tangible results ie improved health, weight loss and performance. The fact they are made with Rejuva smoothie powders makes them a really great addition that people can grab and eat on the move without having to worry about mixing up a drink.”

“The Bars were created by people who love, live and breathe health, vitality and fabulous-tasting foods.

The Detox Energy Bars are made with high-quality ingredients which are delicious and healthy. They aim to charge the mind and body and provide an abundance of energy and vitality whilst detoxing the body. There’s a choice to flavours of the Detox Energy Bars which are Raspberry + Beetroot or Mango + Cinnamon.

The Burn Energy Bar has been formulated to burn fat and increase your energy levels as well as super-charging weight loss efforts. The two varieties of the Burn Energy Bars are Apricot + Maca or Mulberry + Lemon. The use of Cashew nuts provide the body with good fats that are essential for a healthy heart.

The Sport Energy Bars are made up of high-quality ingredients that have a transformative effect on your body. The Sport Bars empower you before and after your workout, allowing better results and quicker recovery. The two flavours of the Sport Energy Bars are Cherry + Vanilla or Mint + Cacao.

The Warrior Energy Bars support a dynamic and powerful workout which will help add muscle mass and weight. Anti-oxidants that can be found in cacao help repair muscles after intense weight training. The two flavours in the Warrior Energy Bars are Peanut Butter or Macadamia nuts + Cacao.

The new Rejuva Nutrition Energy Bars are sold in packs of ten for £26.50 and can be bought from her website. The long term plan is to roll these delicious energy bars out to specialist food outlets alongside other exciting product launches sharing the Vivienne Talsmat ethos.

About Vivienne Talsmat

Vivienne Talsmat is a health and beauty expert and founder of Rejuva formulations. Vivienne’s ultimate aim is to help people live life through vitality, and achieves this with a combination of nutrition plans, her own smoothie formulations and a selection of world-class treatments.

Vivienne’s mission is to contribute to a happier and healthier planet through optimum nutrition, where people live more joyful, fulfilled lives and thrive to reach their maximum potential and contribute to the success and happiness of others.

What makes Vivienne Talsmat different is how she embodies the essence of what her products, treatments and teachings aim to achieve, which is vitality, youthfulness and optimal health. Consuming the smoothies and embodying the holistic lifestyle approach herself, Vivienne has seen her energy levels and her positive outlook on life increase overwhelmingly over the years.

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