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New Cat® M Series Wheel Loaders Deliver Production Efficiency with Integrated Cat Production Measurement for Consistently Accurate Loads

Cat® M Series Medium Wheel Loaders just got more efficient with Cat Production Measurement, a Cat Connect Payload technology that improves loading and hauling productivity in applications where customers require precision weighing and accurate loads. This on-the-go payload system weighs loads as the bucket is being loaded—with no interruption in the loading cycle. Advanced weighing features enable the operator to make quick load adjustments before leaving the stockpile. Payload data can be viewed at a glance to assist operators with fast, efficient loading to exact specification, eliminating costly guesswork that results in under and overloading. In addition, payload data is stored to help managers monitor production, evaluate operational efficiency and manage their business. With Cat Production Measurement, customers benefit from reduced cycle times, higher productivity, and lower fuel and operating costs.

Integrated Design

Cat Production Measurement is optimized specifically for Cat M Series loaders and fully integrated into the machine and systems at the factory. Deep integration allows the system to use existing components and sensors on the machine to optimize performance and reliability at an affordable price. The system uses data from lift cylinder sensors to measure bucket position, and hydraulic pressure to calculate accurate payload weight within +/-1%.CAT

Information is easily accessed from the loader’s standard multifunction touchscreen display. The simple design is easy to use and navigate for setting up material and truck IDs, payload targets, and to store payload data. The machine’s rear-view camera shares the same display when the loader is in reverse travel while retaining valuable payload data to further improve productivity and enhance jobsite awareness.

Modes and Features

Advanced weighing modes assist with payload accuracy and speed the loading cycle.

  • Transfer-On-Weigh – provides a preview of material weight plus total truck payload as the bucket is weighed—giving operators the opportunity to tip-off material if the load is too heavy.
  • Low-Lift-Weighing – estimates material weight at a low lift height—without lifting through the entire weigh range—to speed loading when exact weights aren’t required, such as during hopper loading.
  • Tip-Off – allows the operator to make final-pass load adjustments at the stockpile, truck, or hopper and view adjusted weights in real-time.

For further operator convenience, Cat Production Measurement works with the machine’s automated loading feature, Aggregate Autodig to reduce operator inputs and improve productivity during repetitive loading when working in aggregate stockpiles.

Productivity Monitoring

Operators can track loader productivity from the cab—with quick access to daily payload weights, load and cycle counts, and totals. When combined with LINK technologies, managers can access payload data, plus production and fuel efficiency metrics—all in one place using VisionLink® 3D Project Monitoring. Comprehensive reporting helps managers quickly manage material movement, evaluate fleet and operator performance, and make timely decisions to meet production targets and improve jobsite efficiency. Deeper data is available through VIMSpc.

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