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Netflix Joins Forces with Lacoste for A New Partnership

  • Netflix has recently teamed up with fashion brand Lacoste to create a fresh and exciting collection inspired by some of its most popular TV shows. A press release has confirmed that the collection, which includes polos, tracksuits, and sweatshirts, will be released on April 12th.
  • The collaboration merges the classic design elements of Lacoste, such as its iconic crocodile, with themes from Netflix’s hit shows like “Stranger Things,” “Bridgerton,” and “The Witcher.” Videos showcasing the crocodile blended with the featured titles have been released to promote the new collection.
  • Customers can shop for the collection online at both and, as well as in select Lacoste stores. This is just the latest in Netflix’s line of co-branded clothing collaborations, as the streaming giant continues to explore new revenue streams, such as its recent launch of an ad-supported tier.

A Successful Partnership

The collaboration between Netflix and Lacoste marks an innovative approach to fandom wear, as the collection merges classic Lacoste design elements with themes from eight of Netflix’s top properties. The apparel inspired by shows like “Stranger Things,” “Bridgerton,” and “Lupin” demonstrates the potential for branded merchandise to transcend traditional shirts and hoodies, providing a unique and elevated look for fans.


Netflix and Lacoste join forces for a new campaign.

In addition to serving as a means for fans to display their love for their favourite Netflix shows, the collection also presents an opportunity for Netflix to build brand awareness through the power of products as a storytelling medium. As Josh Simon, Vice President of Consumer Product for Netflix, noted in a press release, the partnership with Lacoste “presents a unique opportunity to blend the worlds of fashion and entertainment.”

One of the standout features of the collection is the incorporation of the iconic Lacoste crocodile into many of the designs, with creative nods to the shows, such as the replacement of the crocodile’s head with the head of a monster from “Stranger Things.” The collection also leans into higher price point goods, potentially offering a stronger lure for consumers able to spend the money.

This is not Netflix’s first foray into co-branded merchandise, as the media company has previously partnered with Vans for a “Stranger Things” collaboration and worked with Champion on a “Cobra Kai” inspired line. The collaboration with Lacoste comes just a few months after Netflix launched its ad-supported tier, which has shown signs of gaining traction as the company continues to attract new viewers to its platform.


A clip from the new Netflix x Lacoste Ad

Lacoste has already experienced success with Netflix through product placement, as the brand reported gaining $1.8 million worth of exposure within 28 days of appearing in just one episode of “Stranger Things.” The partnership with Netflix for the fandom wear collection represents a continuation of this successful collaboration, as both brands seek to capitalize on the power of entertainment and fashion to engage fans and build brand awareness.

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