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Simplify Your Video Journey: Navigating Facebook’s Enhanced Video Experience

  • Facebook is launching an updated fullscreen video player on Facebook with a consistent design for all video lengths – whether they be Reels, longer videos, or Live videos.
  • The upgraded player has new controls like fullscreen mode for horizontal videos, a slider to skip around in longer videos, and you can tap on the video to bring up additional options that let you pause and jump back or forward 10-seconds.
  • We’ll also see more relevant video recommendations, regardless of their length, to explore content based on your interests.

Facebook is introducing an updated video player that brings together Reels, longer videos and Live content all in one fullscreen, engaging experience. The updated video player is rolling out on iOS and Android first in the US and Canada, and globally in the coming months.

When you tap on a video anywhere on the Facebook app, we’ll now consistently see a fullscreen, vertically oriented video. Previously, depending on the length of the video or where you were watching, we may have seen horizontal videos or videos that played in a Feed-like player.

Within the upgraded fullscreen video player, we’ll also have improved recommendations for videos of all lengths we think you’re most likely to enjoy based on your interests. For example, we may recommend a Reel giving you inspiration for a quick, daily makeup routine or a longer tutorial video on DIY house improvements from experienced homeowners.

The updated, fullscreen video player will also have new controls which will roll out over the next few weeks, giving you the power to watch videos however we’d like.

While videos will appear vertical automatically, we’ll see a new fullscreen option on most horizontal videos that allows you to flip to watch in landscape view.

We can also easily skip to the part you’re most interested in using the slider at the bottom of the player.

Missed that last step in a recipe? Tap on the video to bring up controls that enable you to jump back ten seconds, pause as you mix your recipe ingredients and then fast-forward through the parts you want to skip.

Outside the new player, we’ll also now see more relevant video recommendations, regardless of length, on Feed and on the Video Tab. And while Facebook continues to be the home for all types of video, and show even more Reels to meet the growing demand for this format.

These updates also mean that more types of creators will have more opportunities to tap into additional audiences they might not have reached before.

Source: Meta

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